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One of my favorite experience as a freelance writer for NUVO, before I came on as Arts Editor, was touring the 200 Years of Indiana Art exhibit at the Indiana State Museum with Chief Curator Mark Ruschman in March, 2016.

The path of the exhibit followed a timeline: it began with a landscape entitled “Ship Rock” by British officer Colonel Henry Hamilton painted in 1778. It ended, more or less, with a technicolor painting by a collective painting group called The Droops, Millennials all.

One of my goals as Arts Editor is to convey that excitement to you through stories about not just the visual arts -- my usual beat as a freelancer -- but theatre, dance, music and film. And these stories won’t come just from me, but also through NUVO’s freelancers and our brand new Arts Journalism Fellow, Breanna Cooper.

A caveat: no one arts guide can capture every single event, or every single venue in this increasingly diverse city. What it can do is show you what’s on our radar. If there’s an event/venue/happening that you think I should know about, feel free to email me at dgrossman@nuvo.net.

Every year around this time, we release a gigantic guide of arts-related goodies, since most arts organizations launch their seasons around this time. Our hope for this guide is that these event listings whet your appetite for engaging the arts both in the greater Indy area, and in general. And now (drumroll), behold, our megalist of megalists of arty goodness to jump into this fall. 

Check back periodically throughout the next week for releases.

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