Fall Guide Theatre

Cabaret Poe

With the new and improved Phoenix Theatre, its offshoot the Fonseca Theatre, plus a stellar lineup at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, you have no shortage of options for excellent theater-going this Fall. Throw in smaller venues and troupes like Q Artistry, Epilogue Players and Buck Creek and you've got no excuse not to take in a play or two over the next several months.

Here are 10 live theater performances we are most looking forward to this Fall


A Comedy of Tenors

  • Sept. 7-30
  • Center for the Performing Arts
  • atistage.org
  • Ken Ludwig’s A Comedy of Tenors has garnered raves. “Doors slam, trios are sung, seductions are interrupted, faces are slapped and a very good time ensues,” says The New York Times. The same characters that appeared in Lend Me a Tenor appear here. In this comedy everything that can possibly go wrong does: there are romantic snafus, clandestine love affairs, and bloated operatic egos threatening to cancel their concert.

Indianapolis Opera: La Bohème

  • Sept. 14-16
  • Center for the Performing Arts
  • indyopera.org
  • A tragic story of young lovers torn apart by poverty and disease in 1830s Paris is the premise of La Bohème, a timeless classic presented by Indianapolis Opera at the Tarkington at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel. Tenor Gregory Turay, who performed in Indianapolis Opera’s La Traviata in 2017, will lend his lungs to this production.

Becoming Dr. Ruth

  • Sept. 20-30
  • Epilogue Players
  • epilogueplayers.com
  • Maybe you grew up with Dr. Ruth talking on the topic of sex on the radios or the talk shows, but did you also know that she fought in the Israeli War of Independence? Born Karola Ruth Siegel in Germany, in 1928, the story of how she became America’s best known sex therapist is almost beyond belief. Diann Ryan radiates in her performance of Becoming Dr. Ruth, by Mark St. Germain, at Epilogue Players.

Indianapolis Bard Fest

  • Sept. 27-Oct. 7
  • IndyFringe + District Theaters
  • indybardfest.com
  • You don’t think there’s much available in terms of Shakespearean performance in the Circle City? Thou dost protest too much! Bard Fest is Indy’s only annual Shakespeare Festival. At Bardfest, you can take your pick from some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays: Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, and The Merchant of Venice.

37 Postcards

  • Buck Creek Players
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 7
  • buckcreekplayers.com
  • Avery Sutton is a homebody, or at least he feels that way after traveling for years. But when he returns to Connecticut, nothing is as he remembers it. In addition to his dog not being fed for five years, his house is tilted at an intolerable angle, and his grandmother is still alive and kicking even though her funeral is a thing of the past. Can you, in fact, go home again if going home feels like walking into a David Lynchian movie set?


Cabaret Poe

  • Q Artistry
  • Oct. 5- Nov. 4
  • Phoenix Theater
  • qartistry.org
  • Q Artistry’s Cabaret Poe, with its signature mix of storytelling, music, multimedia elements and humor, has been moving around from venue to venue since its inception 10 years ago. (Yes, this is Cabaret Poe’s 10th anniversary.) This year show creator Ben Asaykwee and his fellow Q Artistry performers will spin their macabre tales in the newly-inaugurated Phoenix Theatre.

Isaac Mizrahi: Does this Song Make Me Look Fat?

  • Isaac Mizrahi
  • Oct. 12-13
  • The Cabaret
  • thecabaret.org
  • Maybe you know Isaac Mizrahi from the TV series Project Runway. Maybe you have a dozen Isaac Mizrahi ensembles in your closet. But you’ve probably never heard Mizrahi’s rendition of the Bob Dylan classic "Blowin’ in the Wind." Backed by a six-piece band led by jazz master Ben Waltzer, Mizrahi also belts out songs by Cole Porter to Blondie to Charles Aznavour and shares stories and observations from his long, party-going career.

Pipeline by Dominique Morisseau

  • Oct. 16-Nov. 11
  • Indianapolis Repertory Theatre
  • irtlive.com
  • This play focuses on a relationship between Nya and her son, Omari, who is having trouble controlling his anger, and having trouble in school. Their family is forced to confront injustice in the form of inequity, class, and racial division. Dominique Morisseau is quickly becoming one of America’s most sought-after playwrights because of plays like this.

Rocky Horror Show

  • Oct. 26-27 and Nov. 1-3
  • Athenaeum Indianapolis
  • athenaeumfoundation.org
  • Everyone’s favorite movie was actually a smash theatrical piece first. Don’t miss a restaging that’s won multiple Best of Indy awards by NUVO readers. Squeaky-clean couple Brad and Janet find themselves stranded on a dark and stormy night. A flat tire brings them to the home of the fabulous and mysterious Dr. Frank N Furter and, well, you know the rest.

Betsy Wolfe: All Bets are Off

  • Oct. 26-Oct 27
  • The Cabaret
  • thecabaret.org
  • Who doesn’t want to see Betsy Wolfe, one of musical theatre’s most intelligent and well-rounded performers? You can’t knock her Great White Way cred. And beyond Broadway, Wolfe has given it to a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall and at the Met. Her show at The Cabaret is a hilarious take on the existential anxiety of show business. And if you aren’t completely sold on this performance, consider it your chance to check out The Cabaret’s brand-spanking-new venue.