Chris Williams (pictured above) got kicked out of an Indianapolis homeless shelter years ago after, as he remembers it, staff said he was being disruptive. Williams said he was just standing up for himself because someone else was lying about him.

Is there just one way to be Black?This isn’t rhetorical. I’m seriously posing this question because throughout my lifetime I’ve heard someone isn’t Black or Black enough based on the music one listens to, the way one dresses, the activities in which one participates, where one lives or atten…

It’s a Friday evening and a dozen or so people — men, women, teenagers, kids — are gathered at TITLE Boxing Club, an upscale boxing studio near a largely vacant shopping mall on Indianapolis’s north side.

Having recently released a brand new single titled “Easy Love,” Blair St. Clair took time to chat with our Seth Johnson about her latest musical endeavors, while also looking back on how she got to this point in life.

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