Would You Like to Write for Us?

Got an idea for a story for NUVO!

Do you have a story or a series of stories that you’d like to create for NUVO? Send us your idea! 

NUVO is a nonprofit, Indianapolis based publishing platform, made possible by its members. 


How does the pitch process work?

Every day at NUVO we receive story ideas from freelance journalists and aspiring authors. We want to give every idea the attention it deserves and together determine the best story structure and format.

That's why we’re asking you to send us a brief description of your story idea along with some examples of your writing. Please first look at the tips below.  If your proposal excites us, we'll invite you to discuss it with us in person.


Together, we'll think about questions like: 

How do we nail down the main question? What would be the best way to present your insights? How could we involve members in your story? What do you want to achieve with your project?


What is NUVO?

NUVO is a writer-centered, solutions-focused, journalism platform, made possible by its members. We launched in March of 2019.


Unlike conventional media coverage, which tends to focus on incidents and exceptions while struggling to be objective, NUVO takes the long view, and works to uncover the structural influences and key developments that shape our shared world. Where we encounter problems, we also work to find possible solutions.


Our writers are independent: they define their own beats and chase the stories they feel most important. Our writers are committed to collaborating closely with members. They keep a public notebook, sharing the questions they want to investigate and then keeping members posted on their findings and lessons learned, so readers can weigh in every step of the way. 


We are looking for a story or a story series that...

  • doesn't report the same news we see elsewhere, but uncovers the context for that news
  • focuses on a development that’s relevant not only today, but every day
  • contains an original insight and makes readers look at the world in a new way
  • emerges and is told in dialogue with our members
  • not only reveals a problem, but also provides possible solutions
  • expresses your expertise and passion, and makes clear what you think
  • is multi-disciplinary (e.g. the education and poverty) 
  • challenges stereotypes, debunks myths, and dispels prejudices
  • is based on thorough investigation and reliable sources
  • enhances nuvo.net because it’s different from anything we already have.

 We are not looking for stories that....

  • only focus in on incidents and exceptions
  • fail to show the bigger picture or why it’s important
  • appear frequently in other media
  • we already deal with extensively 
  • contain no clear, original insights
  • are written by authors that want to broadcast ideas, and not discuss them with members

Five examples of stories we like

Because it’s an original approach to addressing a universal subject and can change how you think about the world.

Because it challenges stereotypes and came about by crunching the data and working intensively with our members.

Because it is based on hard-hitting investigative work with a team of journalists.

Because it looks at the everyday lives of people often covered as a homogenous group.

Because it critically examines long-held ideas and looks at the issue in a constructive manner. 


What can we offer?

We are a nonprofit in its early stages and do not have the funds to pay for freelance work.  We would like for you to see our partnership as a contribution to the cause of making journalism more trusted and useful and an opportunity for you to share your expertise and grow your skills and help solve problems that mean something to you.  


NUVO would not exist without members, who enrich our journalism by sharing insightful comments and tips with us. Interaction with our members – like asking for feedback and engaging in the conversations that emerge post-publication – is an integral part of your work and our expectation.


Are you an artist or photographer and would you like to share your portfolio with us? Email Charlie Clark at cclark@nuvo.net.  Would you like to pitch a specific image-driven story, for which you’ll provide the text and the images? In that case, the same criteria applies as outlined above.


We can’t wait to hear your story ideas!

Dan Grossman, Writer

Seth Johnson, Writer

Charlie Clark, Design & Photography Manager

Kevin McKinney, Editor & Publisher

Kathy Flahavin, Business Manager



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