What does it cost to support NUVO?

Membership is $5 per month.  You may also donate here whatever amount you like.  Donations and membership are tax deductible since we are a 501c3 nonprofit. 


What will you do with my money?

We are a writer focused, local media company.  100% of your investment is going to the writers.  


I am not a member of NUVO.  Can I become a member?

Yes, you can join NUVO at this link.  At this time, there just a few features available in the membership.  You will receive a member’s newsletter which will give you the inside news on our latest developments as well as access to events and the early release of stories.  


Can I donate to NUVO?

Yes, you can donate here.  There are multiple options for payment types as well as amounts.  Your investment is tax deductible since we are a 501©3.


What if I don’t like NUVO, but I have already paid?

You can cancel through your account portal, and your membership will stop at the end of the month.


What topics are you going to write about?

The most intractable problems are those that need a solution first.  The topics will all depend upon the writers we find and their passions.  Stay tuned.  You can learn about what we are covering by reading the writer’s bios and reviewing some of the collections of their stories on the Themes page.


Who writes for NUVO?

We are looking for writers with diverse backgrounds and worldviews.  If you know of anyone, please send them a link to this page.


There are so many media choices.  What makes you different?

We are optimizing for trust.  Optimizing means we are taking the longer view on stories and not responding to incidents of the day.  We encourage collaboration with our readers, show our work, and respond to comments.  We try to find original insights and solutions to long-standing problems.  We are writer focused while minimizing our gatekeeper role, and we practice transparency.


How do your writers differ from more traditional news sources?

There is no gatekeeper.  Our writers choose their area of concern and expertise and then follow the guidelines of solutions journalism.


Is NUVO left, or right?

Our goal is to imitate behavior that is open-minded, curious, and non-sensational.

We want to approach each story with curiosity and stay true to the facts.  But we also reveal our biases to help provide you with additional context. We encourage reader participation in the storytelling process, which helps to moderate the bias of the writer.  While our goal will be to hire writers of diverse backgrounds and worldviews, because we are focusing on problems and problems tend to affect those less fortunate disproportionally, we will appear to lean towards left of center.  

An example of our best work will be where we can find common ground amongst the opposing views.


What do you think of clickbait?

No interest in clickbait.  We do not collect reader data, and we do not sell any advertising based upon traffic volume.  Therefore, there is no need to produce clickbait.


Do you hate other media?

No, we are worried about the state of media and its productive role in our lives, and we are working on a solution.


Do you only tell your stories in the form of text?

No, we also use audio and video.


Will there be an app for NUVO?

There are no plans for an app.  The site is responsive, and we have designed for the mobile platform.  We are also able to provide a push notification option.


Why do you still have advertising?

Since 100% of the membership revenue goes to the writers, we use the advertising revenue to support the operations.


I want to work for you, who do I contact?

Please read this document and give us a shout!


How sustainable are you?

We work in a building that is close to having a zero-carbon footprint.  We no longer print our product and delivery it which we were finding to be too wasteful to be viable for the long term.  We use little paper and do everything digitally.  We don’t require people to come to the office to work.  Here is a link to our sustainable building.


How accurate are you?

We do not currently have a fact checker.  We do copy edit each story, and we have a keen sensitivity to how damaging incorrect information can be to our viability.  Given our primary concern about earning and keeping your trust, we double down on our efforts to be factually correct.  If you find a mistake in any of our copy, please let us know by writing here.


Who owns NUVO?

We are a 501©3 nonprofit.  The community owns us.  The leadership of the nonprofit team includes Kevin McKinney, Editor & Publisher, Kathy Flahavin, Director and Marni McKinney, Director. The management team comprises Charlie Clark, Design + Photo Manager; and Kathy Flahavin, Business Manager. Writers include Seth Johnson, Rita Kohn and Dan Grossman.


How do you handle my data?

We do not collect personal data although our systems can track your IP address to manage the membership system as well as to recommend content to you.


Why do you have classified and calendar ads?

They are self-serve products, and we do not collect data on our customers to target the ads.  We offer this service because we are a local media company, and this is an excellent way for the community to tell their own stories.  We allow these ads to appear on specific pages to be unobtrusive to the reading experience.  


I want to advise, support, and give you a critique.  Where can I do that?

We encourage you to send your thoughts to this address.


Can I run a free calendar ad?

Yes, please follow this link.


Can I pay for a premium calendar ad?

Yes, it is just $25 per week.  Please follow this link after you have placed your free ad.


Can I run a classified ad for jobs or sell an item?

Yes, they are free, and you can enter your ad here.


Can I follow a writer or a photographer and have their new submission sent directly to me?

Yes, on the Writers page there is a follow button associated with each writer and photographer.  Our writers also have the option of following them via their newsletter where they take you with them on their process of discovery.  If they have a newsletter, you will see a newsletter button under their name.


Do I have to use my full name to be able to comment?

Yes, it is a tested fact that when people use their real name, they are much more likely to be thoughtful and civilized in their public conversation.


Can I get any free tickets to local events?

Yes, by becoming a member you will gain access to free tickets to significant events around town when they become available.












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