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Meet the NUVO Team



Laura McPhee, Editor


Rob Burgess, News Editor 


Dan Grossman, Arts Editor


Seth Johnson, Music Editor


Ian McPhee, Soundcheck


Creative & Production Department

Charlie Clark, Production Manager


Haley Ward, Photographer & Advertising Designer


Mercer Suppiger, Graphic Designer    


Advertising Sales

Trice Rice-Thompson, Sales Manager

317.778.9770 Cell
317.808.4608 Office


Nathan Gonzalez, Account Executive

Office: 317.808.4603

Mobile: 317.765.431.6868


La' Tia Smith, Sales/Marketing Assistant



Kevin McKinney, Publisher


Kathy Flahavin, Business Manager



Dick Powell, Distribution Support and Courier



Mel Baird, Jr., Bob Covert, Mike Floyd, Steve Reyes, Harold Smith,  Zach Miles, Stan Smith and Ron Whitsit