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Editorial Team


Dan Grossman,

Writer Arts, Faith & Equity


Seth Johnson,

Writer Music, Comedy & Sports


Rita Kohn,

Writer Beer, Culture & Arts



Creative & Web Team

Design and Photography

Charlie Clark,Design and Photo Manager

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Kevin McKinney,

Editor & Publisher


Kathy Flahavin,

Business Manager



NUVO Cultural Foundation

The fiercely independent voice of central Indiana. 

In 1990, a small bunch of free-thinkers came to the conclusion that Indianapolis needed an independent voice — a voice designed, as one early editor put it, “to make trouble.” That concept matured into a mission statement that directs us “to empower intelligent, open-minded innovators through storytelling…NUVO is created by and for people who love our community, our culture and our environment.”


We cover everything Central Indiana cares about, from arts to food to music to social justice and environmental concerns, all in our own unique, irreverent and passionate manner. 


Our mission is simple: to empower intelligent, open-minded innovators through storytelling. As Indiana's largest independent alternative news organization, NUVO is created by and for people who love our community, our culture and our environment.


NUVO Newsmedia

NUVO Cultural Foundation and highlight Indy′s newsartsentertainment, musicfood and drink, and more by giving Central Indiana Hoosiers the low-down on the good, bad and ugly happening in our shared home. Check out NUVO′s calendar for the best things to do in Indianapolis. Follow NUVO on Twitter and like NUVO on Facebook for even more details about what′s going on in the Crossroads of America.


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