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District 25 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the south eastern-most part of the city. Incumbent Republican Brian Mowery was first elected in 2016, and is running for re-election against Democratic challenger Justin Braun.

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District 24 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the south central side of the city. Incumbent Republican John D. Wesseler is not running for election after filling the vacant spot left by the newly elected State Senator Jack Sandlin. Looking to fill the vacant seat are Democrat Ben Brown and Republicans Thomas L. Vaughn and Doug Wood.


P.T. Barnum said something about such folks. It went along the lines of there being one born every minute. Thousands of them will gather soon in Indiana.


The purpose of the Indianapolis Foundation from its very beginning was to make Marion County a better place to live.


In November, millions of families in Indiana and across the nation saw their Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits cut ...



We believe that history and tradition and love of community will lead us into a new age, the digital age of cinema.



The Indianapolis Disc Golf Club - a diverse crew that includes everyone from dentists to retired FBI agents - will play Sunday to raise money for course improvements.