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Ozzy Osbourne and company take the stage at Ruoff Music Center this weekend. Beforehand, we caught up Wylde, guitarist for the Prince of Darkness with a legendary career of his own.

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Pope Adrian Bless’ Fury Road marks his latest heartfelt release. Part of a series of works titled the Birdcage Sessions, the record features production from none Wildstyle, with guest appearances from Double A and E Dirty AC. You can hear selections from Fury Road when Bless performs at the final Oranje event.

The process used by what is supposed to be America’s great deliberative body to weigh the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court started as a farce. It now has become a debacle.

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American Pianists Association finalist Kenny Banks Jr.  

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Indianapolis emcee Pope Adrian Bless commands the stage at HI-FI.