The Little Rascals: The Complete Collection




This is what I want for Christmas. Eighty theatrical “Our Gang” (aka “The Little Rascals”) shorts spanning the years of 1929-1938 in an eight-disc box set. Hot dog! All the classic Hal Roach comedies are here, but be aware that the post-1938 MGM shorts — the lame-to-awful ones featuring an overgrown Spanky (shortly before he left the series), Froggie and (shudder) the sickly sweet Mickey — are not included. Thankfully, all of the great stuff is here, remastered, restored and uncut. Those who grew up watching faded reruns of the kids' adventures on TV are in for a real treat. Heck, we all are. 1,372 minutes. DVD INFO: Includes a 12-page booklet, introductions to various shorts, three commentary tracks, the 29-minute “Story of Hal Roach and Our Gang,” plus featurettes including “Rascals and Racial Issues.”


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