Hello everyone! I apologize once again for my voice. It's getting better, but it's going to take time (and a lot of tea). It's a good thing this week is filled with some pretty awesome new series starting, so I can relax on the couch and read comics and drink my tea (fact: comics are good for colds).

This week... The third annual BOOMBOX MIX TAPE is here! It features a bunch of short stories from the Boom Studios universe and the theme of this years mix tape is... music! So whether it's going to a show or being in a band, read about some of your favorite character's musical adventures.

There is also a special Wonder Woman '77 comic arriving this week where she teams up with the Bionic Woman! Diana Prince.. meet Jaime Sommers!


Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Giants

(W) Conor Nolan (A/CA) Conor Nolan

The Story Teller is back to delight us with tales of giants this time! These stories (and the characters) are larger than life. In the first issue, new writer Conor Nolan re-imagines "The Peach's Son", which is about a giant who is raised by humans, yet is never accepted by them.

Motor Crush

(W) Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr (A) Babs Tarr

The team behind the Batgirl reboot is back with a brand new kick ass series! Domino Swift is a racer in the world wide motorcycle racing league, but she lives a double life. When the moon is high in the sky, she's bashing the skulls of rival gangs in bike wars. She's trying to get her hands on an engine booster known as Crush. And she's going to get what she wants one way or another.

Reggie and Me

(W) Tom DeFalco (A/CA) Sandy Jarrell

Guess who's back? Back again? Reggie's back! EVERYONE RUN!!!

Everyone's favorite (?) bad boy Reggie Mantle is getting his own series! The Gaston of Riverdale wants to show you his life, complete with his BFF, Vader the dog. These two pull the best pranks and throw the best parties and they'll take down anyone in their way. So, uh, maybe step aside please?

Slapstick (W) Reilly Brown, Fred Van Lente (A) Diego Olortegui

Steve Harmon was once a regular teenager that had a job as a clown in Jersey. However he became the living cartoon known as Slapstick after being hit by a weird energy beam! He was one of Deadpool's Mercs for Money but after a falling out, he's striking it out on his own. And in his first issue.. he gets to team up with Spidey! How exciting!

Star Wars Doctor Aphra

(W) Kieron Gillen (A) Kev Walker, Salvador Larroca

Taking place after the startling events in Darth Vader #25, everyone's favorite Doctor Aphra is travelling the galaxy with the droids 0-0-0 and BT-1! After her last encounter with Darth Vader, she narrowly escaped with her life. Now she'll have to stay one step ahead of the Empire and pretty much everyone in the galaxy. Follow her on her adventures as she searches for rare artifacts in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

That's all for this week! Next week, Inhumans VS. X-Men starts officially, DC is putting out a Holiday special, Kate Bishop gets a new series in Hawkweye #1, and a new comic series about rock 'n roll starts in Rockstars #1!

If you need the full release list, click here!

See you next week!


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