It's finally here. The last batch of comics of 2016! It's been an epic year for comics. DC Rebirth, Civil War 2, the epic Revolution crossover event from IDW.... *cough* MORE LOCKE AND KEY *cough* yes, it's been a really phenomenal year in comics and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for the industry!

So, normally the last week of the year is a skip week, meaning only a few titles come out. However, this year is a doozy. The end of Civil War 2, a new Dark Knight 3 Master Race, a new Divinity 3, and Bryan lee O'Malley is wrapping up his first story arc of Snotgirl!


Civil War 2 #8

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Various

It's safe to say Ulysses's powers have gotten out of control. His precognitive powers make others feel them and he now can travel to different points in the future (in the last issue he went to the future that Old Man Logan is from). In another city, the fight between Captain Marvel and Iron Man is getting out of hand. What happens in this final issue will change the Marvel Universe forever.

...Until there's another event that changes everything again.

Ghost Rider #2

(W) Felipe Smith (A) Danillo Beyruth

Things are looking up for Robbie Reyes. he's been able to keep the spirit of his dead uncle under control (for the most part) and his younger brother Gabe is doing much better. However, Robbie isn't much of a team player, but he's gonna have to learn to deal because Amadeus Cho (the Hulk) needs his help!

Also, Wolverine is in this issue too! Oh boy!

Hulk #1

(W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Nico Leon

Jennifer Walters almost died. After a fight with Thanos went terribly wrong, she was in a coma for a while. now that she's out of the hospital, she has a lot of rage building up inside of her. She's not the same hero that she was before. brace yourselves... the Hulk is here to stay!

Rocket Raccoon #1

(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Jorge Coehlo

So Rocket Raccoon is stuck on Earth with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. And he absolutely hates it. Earth is gross and not classy and smells weird (hey, those are his words, not mine!). And everyone keeps mistaking him for an actual raccoon! Rocket is determined to get off Earth anyway possible.

Snotgirl #5

(W) Bryan Lee O'Malley (A) Leslie Hung

It's the end of Snotgirl's first story arc! Things have been going pretty crazy in Lottie's life. Her friend is kind of back from the dead and the police are investigating her! All Lottie ever wanted was a best friend. But will the cost be too high?

That's all for this year! Next year, DC is putting out a Rebirth issue for the Atom! We also get three new titles from Marvel: Deadpool the Duck, Unstoppable Wasp, and US Avengers (and Squirrel Girl is on this team)!

Sorry if I sounded a little flustered in this video. The news of Carrie Fisher's passing rocked me a bit. It still doesn't feel real that our Space Mom is gone. Carrie Fisher was more than a pop icon. She was a strong woman that dealt with her mental illness without feeling ashamed. She was an inspiration to us all, even the (crazy) few that didn't like Star Wars. She will be missed.

Be sure to pick up the Princess Leia trade paperback this week! Binge watch all of the Star Wars. Hug your loved ones.

See you next year, everyone. Let's hope it's better than this one!