Hello everyone! I hope you're ready for a bunch of holiday specials!

And by a bunch, I mean, like, two.

DC is putting out a deluxe holiday special, and tag along with Gwenpool as she solves a Christmas mystery in her Merry Mix Up Special!

There are two new Transformers series as well. We have Optimus Prime getting his own series, and there's Transformers: Lost Light, which revolves around a group of Autobots trying to find their way to Cyberutopia!

Red Sonja is also starting up this week and our fave warrior is stuck in a very modern world... Manhattan! And be sure to take a break from all the serious reads and dive into the Steven Universe 2016 Special! Heads up, it's all about donuts.

And I DONUT know about you, but that sounds awesome.


Doctor Strange/ Punisher: Magic Bullets

(W) John Barber (A) Andrea Broccardo, Jason Muhr

It's another one of those wacky team ups! Doctor Strange and the Punisher and joining forces for some reason. Who knows why. Oh wait, yeah I know why. There's a new mafia threat that's so massive that he NEEDS help from the Sorcerer Supreme. Guess he's not so much of a One Man War on Crime after all.


(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Leonardo Romero

It's a new Hawkeye series! But not that one. The COOL one. The best one. The one that didn't kill the Hulk. It's Kate Bishop in her first solo series ever! In this series, she's travelling to L.A. to shoot arrows and kick ass.

Injustice Ground Zero

(W) Christopher Sebela (A) Pop Mhan

So the first Injustice comic storyline has been wrapped up. However... we still haven't heard the story from other people's perspectives. In Injustice: Ground Zero, we get to hear the tale of how Superman became corrupted from Harley Quinn's side.

Yeah, we're in for a bit on nonsense.

Inhumans VS. X-Men

(W) Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Yu Leinil

It's here! The Marvel event of the year (well, one of them anyway). The Inhumans and X-Men have tried to get along peacefully, however it seems like they just can't make it work. Beast has discovered that they only have about two weeks before the world is completely uninhabitable for the X-Men..  SOOO in the typical fashion of superhero comics, two iconic groups are gonna duke it out.


(W) Joe Harris (A) Megan Hutchison

It's a new comic about the world of rockstars! Sorta. Taking place in present day L.A. it revolves around a string of murders from the 1970's that have started up again. When a rock nerd discovers a connection to a lost history revolving around music and urban legends, he discovers a sinister plot involving demonic possession and sacrifices to the dark lord.

That's all for this week! Next week... the Justice League VS. Suicide Squad event begins, and two Guardians of the Galaxy are getting their own series! Gamora is getting her own series and Star-Lord is back for a new one written by Chip Zdarsky!

If you need the full release list, click here!

Also... be sure to treat yourself this holiday season. Take a break from shopping for your loved ones and GO SEE ROGUE ONE, OKAY. Seriously. You'll need a break from the crowds anyway, so be sure to go to a crowded movie theater instead!

Here's a trailer in case you need convincing. Tsk.