Five things to watch for at the B Movie Celebration

Santa garrotes a victim using Christmas lights in Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Just in from B Movie Celebration's Bill Dever: Here are five fun facts about the films screening at this year's fest, an all-1984 edition coming up August 8-10 at Nashville's Brown County Playhouse.


"C.H.U.D." is an acronym for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller", but it also means "Contamination Hazard Urban Disposal", as one can (barely) read on the crates full of toxic materials.

Repo Man

The White Cutlass Otto first repossesses appears on the street as a 1978-80 Cutlass Salon 4-door sedan, but as the negligent owners peer out the window, it appears as a 1981 Cutlass Supreme coupe.

Buckaroo Banzai

The first title was "Find the Jetcar, Said the President - A Buckaroo Banzai Thriller."

Night of the Comet

One of the greatest lines of all time: When the girls say, "Daddy would have bought us Uzis."

Silent Night, Deadly Night

This film was one of the most controversial of the 1980s because the ad campaign, particularly posters and TV spots, made significant emphasis on the killer being dressed as Santa Claus. The PTA fought to have this film removed from theaters due to its subject matter and the fact that it was shown around Christmas, although an earlier film with a similar premise had gone unnoticed.


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