Rather than do a belated feature review of one of the lousy films that opened last Friday (if someone tries to drag you to Dreamcatcher or Boat Trip, run for your life!), I'm going to use the space to take care of some odds and ends.

First off, when compiling the Best of 2002 list that appeared in last week's issue, I inadvertently omitted a couple of films. Here then, is the adjusted list, for what it's worth.

Best Films of 2002: The Final Version

Adaptation City of God Y Tu Mama Tambien Minority Report Road to Perdition Tully Bowling for Columbine Catch Me If You Can Far From Heaven Punch-Drunk Love Changing Lanes Frailty About a Boy Talk to Her About Schmidt Unfaithful The 25th Hour We Were Soldiers Rabbit Proof Fence The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Last chance to see "City Of God"

Next, another adjustment. Last week I gave City of God, the magnificent Brazilian epic about juvenile crime gangs in a shantytown, four and a half stars. Upon reflection, I'm upping it to five stars. The film runs through Thursday night only, at AMC Castleton Arts. While the notion of children committing violent acts is off-putting to some, the film is certainly worth the time for adventurous theatergoers.

A reminder

Don"t overlook the LIMITED RUN listings in the capsule review section of this page. Key Cinemas had the biggest weekend in their history running the short animated and live-action films nominated for this year's Academy Awards. The collection is being held over, so check them out.

On its other screen, the theater is staging an old-fashioned double-feature, with two terrific sci-fi thrillers from the '50s, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and I Married a Monster from Outer Space. Also, due to popular demand, the Academy Award-winning Pedro Almodovar film, Talk to Her, will play once a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

It's a short drive to Key Cinemas and the current offerings certainly warrant a trip.

A story that must be shared

A few weeks ago, at a sneak preview for Bringing Down the House, the DJs (names shall be withheld out of mercy) hosting the event awarded prizes to those who correctly answered a series of Steve Martin-related trivia questions. When the audience failed to correctly identify "the film where Steve Martin played a fireman as Roxanne, Martin's wonderful 1987 update of Cyrano de Bergerac, one of the radio personalities decided to help. "I'll give you a hint," said the DJ. "The movie is based on the classic Othello." To my amazement, someone immediately cried out "Roxanne!" and the prize was awarded.