Box set of horror films



“Ghost House Underground Eight Film Collection”


Just in time for Halloween, Lionsgate released an eight-film horror box set. Among the American features, one will find a couple from Europe and Russia. For more information, go to

Room 205

3.5 stars (R)

A young woman, new to college, ends up bunking with your average horror type and accidentally unleashes a deadly ghost who proceeds to kill her roommates systematically. Although the film is formulaic, the mirror motif and the actors’ fine performances make the film both entertaining and satisfying. The film is Danish but an English-dubbed version is available. Denmark, 91 minutes.

Dance of the Dead

2.5 stars (R)

Prom night must be horrific, as numerous movies center a night of terror on the high school rite of passage. Thus, this teen horror-comedy references a plethora of classic horror films — zombie narratives in particular. This film will please a younger audience. U.S., 87 minutes.


3 stars (NR)

Part action heist film, part monster movie, “Trackman” is a monster leftover from a government experiment gone wrong, who resides in the city’s sewers and entertains a bizarre eye fetish (apparently, he doesn’t want you to look at him). The rapid pace will keep your attention even though you know only a few characters will make it out of the sewers alive. In Russian with alternate English dubbing. Russia, 81 minutes.

No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker

2.5 stars (R)

The title alone informs us of the filmmaker’s intention (colons always signal a desire for a series). However, the outlandish fantasy/horror narrative is unbelievable and produces unintentional laughs. The twist in the finale (that begs for a sequel) will more than likely irritate. U.S., 88 minutes.

Dark Floors

2 stars (R)

A little girl demands a red crayon and, not satisfied, ends up trapping a group of strangers in a possessed hospital. Her father is the sole character willing to protect her from the demons lurking in broom closets, as he chases and kills multiple monsters. As the narrative proceeds, the body count heightens, but frankly, I wished someone had given her the damn crayon so the film would end. U.S., 86 minutes.

The Substitute

2 stars (R)

A group of sixth-graders must convince their parents their substitute teacher is demonic. Unable to gain their parents’ support the kids are forced to go on a field trip with her. The plot is juvenile and the filmmakers are too preoccupied with special effects to clean up the plot. In Danish with optional English soundtrack. Denmark, 93 minues.

The Last House in the Woods

2.5 stars (NR)

Bickering in a car over their relationship, two teens are interrupted by a group of bullies. When an older couple happens upon the scene, the teens are driven to a house of terror far into the woods (hence the title). Replete with blood, cannibalism, rape and torture, the film is hard to stomach. In Italian with an optional English soundtrack. Italy, 86 minutes.

Brotherhood of Blood

2 stars (R)

Fans of horror films will recognize Sid Haig (“House of 1000 Corpses”) and Ken Foree (“Dawn of the Dead”) in this film about vampire hunters. The narrative and cover art are reminiscent of B films and it will appeal to those with a soft spot for kitschy American horror. U.S., 88 minutes.



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