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If the GOP can send a huge prick like Donald J. Trump to the White House, why can’t we send our own pricks? My modest proposal: a coordinated effort to send thousands of dildos to Trump on January 21 — enough dildos to make news and get under his thin skin.

This coordinated effort would be supplied and vetted by responsible, women-friendly sex shops with a portion of the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, LGBT charities and the ACLU.

Donald Is Loathsomely, Disastrously Outrageous

I like the way your mind works, DILDO, but your plan would result in good dildos going to waste. So perhaps we should do a dildo version of the ice-bucket-challenge thing instead? You gift a dildo to someone through a cooperating, woman-friendly, progressive sex-toy shop, and that person gifts a dildo to someone else, and so on. A portion of the proceeds for each gifted dildo goes to groups fighting Trump’s agenda and a card gets sent to Trump letting him know a dildo was gifted to a deserving orifice in his name and a worthy organization benefited. Nearly 100,000 people have made donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name since the election, and that’s made news. This could too, DILDO.

If someone wants to run with this idea, I’ve purchased the URL Get in touch, show me your plan, and I’ll gift the URL to you.

My wife enjoys being submissive and getting spanked. A few weeks ago, she asked to put that part of our sex play on hold. The ugliness of Trump’s sexual aggressions made her feel strange. We joked about the fun we’d have after the election. Well, here we are, and that asshole and his misogyny are going to be front and center for the next four years. How do we get back to being us?

Upsetting News Sincerely Unnerves Best Spouse

Voting rights, health care, public education, legal pot, police reform, a habitable planet, LGBT equality, our undocumented friends, coworkers, and lovers — the Trump misadministration is going to take so much from us, UNSUBS. We can’t let them take our kinks, too. Encourage your wife to feel the shit out of her feelings and don’t pressure her or rush her — and if she needs to put spanking on hold for the next four years, I wouldn’t blame her and you shouldn’t shame her. In the meantime, UNSUBS, maybe spanking your ass would make her feel better?

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