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2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 4

Incumbent Mike McQuillen (R) faces either Evan P. Evans (D) or Timothy Alan Knight (D)

District 4

Ethan P. Evans (D), Timothy Alan Knight (D), Michael J. McQuillen (R)

District 4 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the north western side of the city. Incumbent Republican Mike McQuillen has held the seat since 2008. Depending on the outcome of the primary election, he will face one of two Democratic challengers in the general election in November: Ethan P. Evans or Timothy Alan Knight.

Ethan P. Evans

I am 28 years old and am running for office for the first time. I am running to provide better governance and responsiveness to the needs of all of those in our community. We have many significant issues that need attention, including race relations, poverty, mental healthcare, creating economic growth without displacement, safety, infrastructure, schools, and food deserts. We need sound solutions to these concerns to make us a world class city that everyone can be a part of. It’s time for new leadership in District 4. My main issues include addressing infrastructure, public safety, fair wage jobs, increased access to mental healthcare services, and permanent supportive housing with wraparound services for those experiencing homelessness. I am a lifelong resident of Indianapolis and Lawrence Township. I’ve attended Lawrence Township Schools through high school, and graduated in the top 30. I received a B.A. in Cinematography from SFSU, and an M.S. in Secondary Education from IU. As a community activist for the past few years, I have stood for those without a voice. I take an active part in police and community conversations aimed at improving relations. As a proud union member of AFSCME Local 827, I stand in support of workers’ rights and livable wages. I support public educators and believe more can be done to support our public-school teachers and students. Additionally, I volunteer with the Kheprw Institute and Lawrence Community Gardens. I currently work as a Surveyor’s Assistant for the Marion County Surveyor’s Office, as well as being a freelance photographer.

Mike McQuillen

Elected Office

Indianapolis Marion County, City-County Councillor elected in 2007, 2011 and re-elected in 2015 to represent District 4. Elected Majority Whip in 2009, elected Majority Leader in 2010 and 2011, elected Minority Leader of the Council, 2012 - current. Currently serving on the Rules and Public Policy Committee (past chair) Committee on Committees, Education Committee & have served on Municipal Corporations Committee (past chair) Ethics Committee (past chair) Economic Development, Parks, & Community Affairs Committees


University of Indianapolis (UIndy)—Indianapolis, IN, 1987 Graduate,

B.A. in Political Science, with a Minor in Communications

Perry Meridian High School – 1983 Graduate

Work Experience | Owner

Indianapolis, IN — January 1996 - current

Own and operate an antique and collectible business, specializing in political memorabilia

City of Indianapolis | Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Child Support Division

Indianapolis, IN — January 1993-January 1996

Staff member in the Prosecutor’s Office in Child Support Enforcement

Marion County Treasurer’s Office in Property Tax Collections

Assistant to Human Resources Director for County Employment Office

Indiana State Senate | Page Clerk

Indianapolis, IN — January 1989-January 1993

Provided tours of the Indiana Statehouse to Senate Pages and provided

Administrative support to Page Office Director

Community Service

Member, C.I.B. (Capital Improvement Board of Managers) 2010 - 2012

Member, Visit Indy (formerly Indiana Convention and Visitor’s Association) 2012 - current

Member, I.D.I. (Indianapolis Downtown Incorporated) 2012 - 2017

Elected Member Lawrence Township Board, District 3, 2004–2007. President of the Board of Finance

Indiana Republican State Convention | Frequent Delegate and 2014 Platform Committee Co-Chairman

Marion County Republican Party | past MCRCC County Chairman, 2016-2017, past Vice-MCRCC Chairman, Assistant Township Director, Ward Chairman, Precinct Committeeman (current), and volunteer at various times 1986 – current, 2014 Outstanding Councillor of the Year Award recipient

I have served on various boards and citizen input groups including the Lawrence Township School Council, Lawrence Citizen’s School Organization and Volunteer at Crestview Elementary since 2000. LTSC Legislative Committee Chairman, 2000 - 2006, Indianapolis Public Housing Advisory Committee (later the Public Housing Board,) the Marion County Sheriff’s Citizen’s Advisory Board, Acquisitions Committee member, Benjamin Harrison Home, President of the Lawrence Township Republican Club, and selected as “Republican of the Year,” College Republican President at UIndy. Received Lawrence Township Schools “Above and Beyond Award” 2008

A.P.I.C. (American Political Items Collectors) Indiana Chapter President, National Board Member, and Regional Vice-President (since 1999.) Licensed Indiana Auctioneer since 1994. Frequent Judge, Indiana State Fair since 1993. Columnist for AntiqueWeek, Political Bandwagon & various antique publications since 1992.

[Editor’s note: The following questions were the top six most popular questions submitted by and voted upon by NUVO readers. Knight did not return his answers before the primary election.]

NUVO: How will you address quality of life issues for Indianapolis residents — affordable housing, food deserts, transportation options for those without cars, air quality, water quality, schools, green space, sustainability, recycling, lack of park funding, etc.?

Evans: Indianapolis residents must be part of the solution. A top down approach will not work. People in our community must be engaged at every step of the process. By looking for opportunities together we can solve some of these most basic of needs. A budget is a moral document and so we must start there and decide our priorities. But for me these are the very issues on which I decided to run for office and will be at the forefront of my work.

McQuillen: Indianapolis government needs to redouble its efforts to work with community groups to identify the above listed concerns and more, to ensure that we are being responsive to those needs. Health & Hospital, Parks Dept. and other agencies must continue to work to better serve our residents.

NUVO: I want to know how they are going to support the public school system.

Evans: The city council, the Mayor and the Board of Education need to work together to provide the best educational opportunities for all resident through our public schools. I will be a strong advocate for public schools, and do everything I can to make sure that children in our district get the best quality education, and that teachers get their fair share. I will be a voice for local concerns with local school boards as well to make sure that teachers and students get the resources they need.

McQuillen: I am a product of Indianapolis/Marion County Public Schools (Perry Township) and fully support their mission. Making sure we have the best and brightest in both administration and teaching in the classrooms is crucial. Appropriate public funding for our schools must continue. Personally, I volunteer weekly or more in Lawrence Township Schools and would encourage others to do the same.

NUVO: What are your plans to help Indianapolis have a more equitable distribution of resources to help marginalized communities without contributing to gentrification?

Evans: By doing an assessment of available resources, current trends in redevelopment, and growing locally owned businesses who have a voice and are directly impacted by decisions made at the local level we can work together to come up with solutions. This cannot nor should it be a cookie cutter approach, as each community has its own unique needs and solutions. Redevelopment should never be used as a weapon to further injure those vulnerable communities most in need of resources.

McQuillen: A commuter tax should be considered by the General Assembly to bring more of our Indy resident tax dollars back to the areas where they are generated. We must continue to support all of our neighborhoods and their quality of life.

NUVO: How will you address the pothole problem?

Evans: The city has approved additional funding of $400 million over 4 years which the Mayor has committed to use towards infrastructure improvement and repairs. I expect the current city council to continue on these projects and when elected, I will also work on these important community needs, including prevention and advances in repair technologies and materials.

McQuillen: Taking better care of our streets in the future will definitely help to make sure we don’t get into the pothole mess that we have seen recently. Adequate funding to fix our streets proactively will prevent today’s pothole woes, tomorrow.

NUVO: What will you do to encourage the increased use of alternate (non motor vehicle) forms of transportation in the city?

Evans: I support expansion of bike paths, walking paths, and will review the current public transportation available with an eye on how to better serve our city. I will also be taking a new look at the ability to utilize additional green technologies for bus routes.

McQuillen: I voted in favor of the Red Line and other improvements to our city transportation needs. I plan to continue to advocate for responsible mass-transit projects.

NUVO: How do you feel about decriminalizing possession of personal amounts of cannabis, as other large cities have done?

Evans: We can’t do that at the city level because the criminal code falls under the state law.

McQuillen: This is a state and federal issue that will likely not come before the Indy Council.  I would suggest to folks on either side of the issue to call their state and federal senators and representatives to voice their concerns.

Rob Burgess, News Editor at NUVO, can be reached by email at, by phone at 317-808-4614 or on Twitter @robaburg.

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