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Please Enjoy the July 4th Weekend

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Dear Members,

Hello! Kevin here with just a quick update from our last conversation.  I hope everyone is finding ways to enjoy the 4th of July weekend with family and friends despite the mugginess.

I'm sorry to report that our website development progress has slowed recently due to the holidays and to the outside time demands on our only part-time designer, Ian McPhee.  Fortunately, we have been training a recent graduate of North Central High School named Mark Sandors, who is talented but doing less demanding tasks, and we will be elevating his skills to provide Ian more support. Thank you in advance for your understanding as our site design pace slows until we are able to bring in more support for Ian.  

Also, please enjoy Dan's story this week, Dr. Kelli Morgan Brings Diversity to Newfields, about the diversity movement in the art museum world and at the Newfields specifically and let him know here what you think the role of diversity should be at Newfields.

Welcome and thank you to the new members this week - we appreciate your support.  And we continue to be grateful for everyone's support as we build a solutions-focused, collaborative journalism enterprise that is optimized for trust.

Please enjoy the holiday weekend.


Founder of NUVO, a new voice for Indy, and first executive director of the non-profit, My purpose is to increase civic participation through informed storytelling and the search for common ground by dialogue with one another.