Whoa, psychedelic and space rock mixed with capes fueled the night with Moon Goons, Zap Black and Radar Gold at Square Cat Vinyl on Dec. 13th 2019.
Starting the night with Moon Goons a self described as "high energy psychedelic rock" started the show. They're is a five-piece psychedelic outfit based out of Indianapolis, IN. Personally I dosed out on the the capes and melted with the modern animalistic superhero masks.
To me, their costumes played into the psychedelic feel of their music. (Wish I had two tabs...) It kinda reminded me of a world that DND would take me and my companions to. (Sorry, I'm reminiscing or missing a reference to something.) Check out Moon Goons Bandcamp for more info.
Radar Gold was up next. A "space pop synth-punk opera" group also based out of Indy. Their music was atmospheric... yes, "space pop synth-punk opera" describes them pretty damn well. The vocals were beautiful with minimal focus on lyrics. It was hard not to have fun wiggling around in space with Radar Gold for a moment.
Zap Black & the Sixth Century Future Recovery Group was up last. They were my favorite of the night. It was fun watching Zap Black control the stage. I loved Zap Black's narratives sprinkled throughout the performance. Also, the guy on keys added some fun animalistic elements to the narratives. Over all, the band was a whole lot of fun.
Tripped out photos by Beth Darragh