The winter has felt long though not as bad as most years and photographer Kate Lopez was hoping to get out of the house to take some uplifting photographs in hopes of breaking her cabin fever. 

As she searched for something to brighten her mood she stumbled upon a floral design class which was held at Oberer's Flowers Indianapolis (Carmel) today. Taking the momentum to head out the door she discovered a new craft that not only helped her mindset but the other students who all learned to group flowers in beautiful arrangements and take their creations home. 

The fresh scents of flowers in any moment can clear ones thoughts and help us all think of the beauty of spring. (Please come soon.)

If you feel the winter blues and need to kick that cabin fever check out the next floral arrangement classes over at Oberer's Flowers.

Freelance Photographer

Kate completed the Photojournalism program at BSU in 2001. Kate recently combined her love of photography with her love of electronic music.  he believes it is her calling and wishes she had thought of this path years ago!