Mike Guard, more commonly known as Blunts & Blonds played at the Deluxe Old National Centre Wednesday night. Mike got his start in the Tampa Bay area playing local house parties before he was discovered and brought on to the Tampa club scene. His smoking activities got him kicked out of high school, but he later finished and went on to college. The name Blunts & Blonds comes from those college years when he had a blonde girlfriend and enjoyed smoking blunts.

Once administrators of his college found out the name of his act, he was kicked out. It was then Mike decided to focus solely on perfecting his craft and growing a fan base. He’s in the middle of his ‘Hot Box Tour’ which ends in late April. He also has several festivals ahead such as Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, California and Sunset Musical Festival in his hometown of Tampa.

Having been to several dubstep shows this year, this sounded different. I enjoyed the sound a lot, it had the wubby bass of course, but there were also elements of reggae mixed, which I liked. Shout out to Indy Mojo and Live Nation for bringing his tour to Indianapolis!

Freelance Photographer

Kate completed the Photojournalism program at BSU in 2001. Kate recently combined her love of photography with her love of electronic music.  he believes it is her calling and wishes she had thought of this path years ago!