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What nonprofit organizations impress you?

Hi everyone,

Last week we published a piece titled, “What I Learned While Reading All of Kurt Vonnegut’s Novels in Chronological Order” by guest writer Donovan Wheeler and we asked you to tell us the names of your favorite Vonnegut novels. 

(My favorite is still Cat's Cradle.)

We got some interesting responses.  

Valerie Elliot cited Slaughterhouse Five. Darin Miller cited God Bless You Mr. Rosewater.  An anonymous poster wrote, “It would have to be Breakfast of Champions. It was my introduction to Vonnegut (my dad passed me a paperback copy back in high school) and it hooked me instantly. Smart humor with impish illustrations peppered throughout. A delight.”

Amy Rogge mentioned that there is an audiobook version, performed by Ethan Hawke. “Is this an oxymoron?” she writes. “Perhaps, especially, for this 68 year old. Quite an experience.”

Last week I checked out four different first Friday gallery locations around town including a newer one called The Green House at 447 E. 38th St. I wrote a blog about what I saw. Without the nonprofit arts organizations here to host exhibitions and galleries like The Green House willing to donate their wall space to artists for free, it would surely be a lot more difficult for artists.

Of course, as former arts editor David Hoppe told me from his Michigan City home last week in my interview with him, the whole arrangement relies on patrons to buy art.    

Is there a nonprofit arts organization that you are impressed by, or a service they offer that you’re impressed by? Let me know, and I just might write a story about it.  

We hope that you’re impressed by NUVO and will consider becoming a member.

Best wishes,