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Hi there,

It’s Dan Grossman, your friendly neighborhood arts writer,

On the agenda this week, I’ll be continuing my investigation into the cyber economy and how it affects everyday people.  Last week, I published a piece titled “An Uber Driver Tells You Why You Should Tip” and 45 of you already took our survey at the bottom of the article. We’re eager to see the results. I’ll likely write another piece about Uber in the coming months, but I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the last article. In addition to taking the poll, please leave your thoughts in the comments section.   

This week, I’ll be publishing a piece on retailers and how they deal with people using local businesses to try on items before they buy them online. The article focuses on two local businesses, Goodman’s Shoes in Nora Plaza and The Uniform House downtown.  

I’m also pleased to say that this week I’ll be talking to Dr. Kelli Morgan, associate curator of American Art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields. I’m eager to preview her upcoming plans for upcoming exhibitions as well as for rotations in the IMA galleries. I’ve talked in previous articles, such as “A Moment of Change and Reckoning at Newfields” about how her curatorship is helping to take Newfields in more progressive direction. I’m eager to learn about, and then share, her story.

I’m excited about the transition that the NUVO website will shortly undergo. Rather than the current organization by topic, the website will be organized per our writers’ thematic interests. My writing tends to focus on my interest in arts, religious faith, and social equity. I'm curious about how these issues are intertwined.

I’m always eager to hear your input. I’m grateful for your readership and support, and excited about the new long-form journalism projects that we will shortly embark on here at NUVO.

Questions? Thoughts?  You know where to find me.

Best wishes,