Immediately following the Oct. 15 Occupy Indianapolis rally at

Veteran's Memorial Plaza, a band of demonstrators marched to the State Capitol

Building to begin an indefinite "occupation" below the south steps.

They have now been there for one full week.

Because Indiana law prohibits camping on the State House

grounds, the "occupation"is happening in shifts. Many supporters work double and triple shifts,

going for days with little or no sleep. By mid week, what began as a spirited

civil demonstration turned gradually into a demonstration of endurance.

A donated portable generator allows laptops to remain

charged; it runs the sound system, coffee pots, hot plates and even a

microwave. Donuts, take-out chicken and other food items have been regularly

supplied by a variety of supporters. On Wednesday evening 25 pizzas were

donated by the national organization Crooks and Liars.

A major accomplishment on Tuesday morning was establishing a

live internet stream. Monitoring the stream has become a priority for the

group, allowing them to remain in continuous visual contact with other groups

and supporters across the country.

By Thursday, other responsibilities and less-than-ideal

weather conditions caused the attendance to dwindle. The evening 7 o'clock

meetings of the General Assembly continue to draw groups of 30 or more, but

during overnight and daytime hours, the number of occupiers drops drastically.

Without exception, anyone asked said they were there for the

duration, although when pressed no one knew how long that may be. Plans are

already in place to bring in cold-weather supplies. One spokesman said that if

necessary, he plans to watch the Super Bowl this February from the outdoor

Occupy site.

Early Saturday morning, the Occupy Indianapolis base moved

from the Capitol south steps to now surround the Thomas Hendricks statue on the

southeast corner of the Capitol grounds. Free of weekday obligations and helped

by comfortable weather, Saturday brought a crowd of nearly 100 supporters to

the downtown site.

Occupy Indianapolis is an extension and support group of the

ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests. The New York-based group now has

satellite support from an estimated 950 cities across the world.

For further information on the Indianapolis group, or to

view their live stream, go to the Occupy Indianapolis Facebook page or


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