Indiana's new abortion law and its terrible toll on women's rights


With Governor Pence's signature on Thursday, March 24, HEA 1337 became law in Indiana. The wide-sweeping bill has been called the strictest abortion law in the nation.

NUVO's cover story in print this week is an aggregation of reporting on HEA 1337 that has appeared online.

HEA 1337 outlaws abortion entirely for a variety of reasons, adds additional barriers to obtaining an abortion, and requires each aborted or miscarried fetus be buried or cremated.

Our editorial stance is that HEA 1337 does not protect the interests of pro-choice or anti-choice women. It does not, in fact, protect women and children at all. HEA 1337 violates Roe vs. Wade and, in many cases, could endanger the lives of mothers across the state. It is a piece of legislation that was rushed through the Statehouse, and a bill that many self-identified pro-life legislators voted against.

Simply put, HEA 1337 makes Indiana the most hostile state for women’s rights in the nation. We've examined the impact of HEA 1337 on Hoosier women from a variety of different angles.

Perhaps most importantly, we collected personal stories from women who chose abortion or experienced miscarriage. We asked them to describe their experience, including the emotional, mental, physical and financial burden, then asked them to envision what their experience would have been like if they had suffered a miscarriage or chosen abortion under HEA 1337. We asked them to consider a few questions, including: What would the impact be if they knew their fetus would be buried or cremated? If they had their choice to abort disallowed because their reason was no longer lawful? If they had to explain their reason for making their choice? 

All of our reporting is linked below.

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