The Capitol is hopping with all kinds of activity this week.

For starters, House Democrats broke their stalemate protest over

the GOP's right-to-work agenda which gummed up

floor activity last week in that chamber. They headed to the House floor Monday


Also big news for the week: Two leading

officials slated to leave office during 2012 will deliver their final landmark



Mitch Daniels

will deliver his eighth and final State of the State Address

at 7 p.m., Jan. 10.


Justice Randall Shepard

will give his twenty-fifth and final State of the Judiciary address

at 2 p.m., Jan 11. Shepard said he will

retire this spring.

This morning, the House Public Health

Committee heard the smoking ban bill proposed by Reps.

Turner and C. Brown and the Senate held committee meetings on several bills,

including efforts to tighten financial disclosures by local elected officials (SB0193)

and tweak the code on regulating underground storage tanks (SB0133).

This afternoon Gov. Daniels and select

senators will discuss an effort to deal with tax loopholes on Internet-based

purchases. Unpaid sales internet tax robs states of the

ability to collect millions in revenue and it sets up an uneven playing field

for brick-and-mortar-based competitors that must collect taxes and pay the

appropriate percentage to the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Among the items remaining on the docket

include: ongoing discussion of a bill advancing a statewide smoking ban in

public places, a bill exploring the rights of farmers weighed against those who

might want to sue them, and the annual legislative breakfast of the Indiana

Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) where lawmakers

will visit officials on the frontlines of grassroots conservation efforts in

all 92 counties.

Floor votes may happen in the Senate on

the human

trafficking bill

, which advanced last week with the unanimous approval of

the Senate Committee on Corrections, Criminal, and Civil Matters. The bill is

scheduled for a second reading when the Senate convenes Monday at 1:30 p.m.

An additional item of interest: Dave

White, chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service will speak at 11

a.m. during the IASWCD meeting at the Marriott.


Tues., Jan. 10:

— CAFO nuisance suits and meth

The House Agriculture and

Rural Development Committee, chaired by Rep. Don Lehe,

will meet at 8:30 a.m. in Room 156-C to hear a bill pertaining to establishing

appropriate consequences for frivolously suing or producing meth without

permission on Indiana farms.

According to

the House Digest, HB


, sponsored by House Floor Leader Bill Friend, R-Macy, andRep.


pertains to agricultural operations and

"... provides that if a court finds that an agricultural operation that is

the subject of a nuisance action was not a nuisance and that the nuisance

action was frivolous, initiated maliciously, or groundless, the court: (1)

shall award the expenses of litigation, including reasonable attorney fees, to

the defendant in the action; and (2) may award the defendant punitive damages.

Allows an owner of real property that is used for agricultural purposes, who

has probable cause to believe that a specific individual is manufacturing

methamphetamine on the property, to detain the person."

The Senate Corrections,

Criminal, and Civil Matters Committee, chaired by Sen. Steel, will meet in Room

130 to discuss bills on animal

fighting contents (SB0011), eminent domain (SB0054), child support issues

(0018), knives with automatic blades (0006) and

funding of lawsuits (0005).

Also scheduled

to meet: the Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy and Homeland Security,

Transportation and Veterans Affairs Committees.


Wed., Jan. 11:

The Family, Children and Human Affairs Committee,

chaired by Rep. Cindy Noe, R-Indianapolis, will meet

at 10:30 AM in Room 156-A. Members will hear bills on adoption

history information (HB


) and military custody and parenting time

matters (HB 1065).

Senate Committees scheduled to meet

Wednesday include judiciary, pensions and labor, health and provider services.

Some of the following bills will be heard:

Indiana public retirement system (SB 0127);

unemployment compensation (SB 0232); administration of public retirement plans (SB 0128)); reestablishment of FSSA (SB 0012);

cash assistance point of service and drug reports (SB 0013);

HIV testing (SB 0052); hospital assessment fee matters

(SB 0225); emergency ambulance services report (SB

0224); and state department of health matters (SB