'Occupy' movement reaches Indy

What some of the Occupy Indianapolis participants hope to achieve.

The nationwide movement of anti-corporate and anti-government protests known as the Occupy Movement will arrive downtown at Indy's Veterans Memorial Plaza this Saturday, Oct. 8.

Since starting several weeks ago on Wall Street, the series of protests has brought thousands of citizens into the streets across the country to fight what they say are the unlivable conditions caused by unequal economic conditions and corporate greed.

Over the past few weeks, members of the Occupy Indianapolis Organizing Committee have used Facebook, Twitter and their blog to stimulate a significant following for Saturday's event. As of now, organizers are expecting over 4,000 attendees.

But don't expect to see the chaos on Wall Street in Indy this weekend. Event organizers have agreed to follow legal gathering procedures, and are encouraging all participants to assemble peacefully.

Members of Occupy Indianapolis don't operate on a uniform set of complaints. Instead, the group is unified by the notion of a common human struggle. The group's blog urges followers to come together "not in solidarity with any singular cause, but in the uniting cause of compassionate humanity."

Through Saturday's event, Occupy Indianapolis hopes to instigate local change. The day's events are centered around their General Assembly, a community discussion forum where attendees will have the chance to voice suggestions for city-wide improvements and possible new legislature.

"The decisions of the Indianapolis General Assembly will determine what changes we hope to effect immediately in our city," one Occupy Indianapolis organizer said.

Other activities for the day will be determined on site.

"The General Assembly will be deciding every aspect of the occupation," the organizer said. "We may practice the Human People Mover technique, we may conduct other actions. That will all be decided by the people that show up."

The Occupy Wall Street protest was initiated by Adbusters, a Vancouver-based anti-consumerist magazine. Indy's Occupy event will be held from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


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