District 24 City County Council Candidate: Jack Sandlin, republican

Jack Sandlin, republican, district 24 city county council candidate

Jack Sandlin

What do you offer as

a candidate:

I have been involved in public service in some aspect for

all of my adult life. I started working

at the Indianapolis Police Department after graduation from high school, took a

brief break to serve in the United States Army, and then returned to be appointed

as an Indianapolis Police Officer.

During my 20+ year

police career I worked in a variety of areas, including being assigned to a

Federal Drug Task Force and the Marion County Grand Jury. At the Grand Jury I supervised investigators

in conducting public corruption and complex white collar crime investigations.

I retired as Deputy Chief of Investigations for the department.

Following my police

career with Indianapolis I worked as a law firm administrator at the law firm

of Harrison & Moberly. I then

started his own business, which is now in its 16th

year. The business involves Fraud

Examination, Private Investigation and Security Consulting. Our company's work focuses on fraud and white

collar investigations and I am a Certified Fraud Examiner.

In addition I also

served two terms as Perry Township Trustee. For those eight years I managed a

budget of around $15 million and never raised the property tax rate while

building our service delivery. Some say

I became known for being fiscal responsible.

I hope so as that was and continues to be one of my goals.

I am currently active

in local community organizations and serve on the Board of Directors for Perry

Senior Services, Perry Township Fire Foundation and The Central Indiana Youth

for Christ BOD. My wife and I attend

Southport Presbyterian Church where we are members.

I have earned a

Masters in Business Administration, a Bachelor Degree in Business, and an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Through my broad

experience in business, government and public safety and community service

organizations I bring a goal of efficient, effective and responsible/ethical

government while representing District 24 on the Indianapolis City-County


What does your district most need from the City Council?

District 24 needs additional infrastructure

improvements. We are in the process of

one of the largest STEP programs in Marion County. We have additional areas that will need attention

in this area as well. There is also a need for some additional sidewalks and

the identification of additional green space in our district. We need surface water control too.

What's your opinion

of the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

While the budget

process isn't yet complete I have generally supported the Mayor's budget. This is a budget that will pay the bills and

keeps us from laying off any of public safety

personnel. These are difficult economic

times and the Mayor's budget has been thoughtfully presented.

What is your position on a comprehensive smoking ban?

I think our

businesses operate pretty well under the current rules. I have not been presented with any data that

would cause me to want to regulate what our private businesses are doing beyond

where we are currently, especially our Veteran and Fraternal organizations.

Do you think the city needs more police officers?

I will always be in

favor of having the best police force available to protect our community. I have been supporting the addition of

another police recruit class in the budget. We need adequate personnel who are

well trained and well equipped to serve our community.

Do you support increased funding for public transportation?

Good public

transportation should be one of our primary goals in Indianapolis. Finding a way to support this concept has

been elusive. I will support a public

referendum to find out if our residence will help support this cost and help

find a long term solution.

Do you think the streets and sidewalks in your district are in good


Our streets and

sidewalks in District 24 are both improving, in good shape and some in need of

repair. As we prioritize the resources I

will advocate for repairs in the District.

Name one project that would benefit your district?

An extension of the

proposed Madison Avenue Gateway would help start the rebuilding of Madison

Avenue to County

Line Road. I think that by working

together we can see many improvements for our businesses and neighborhoods.

What question do you wish we would have asked?

Why you running? I decided to run for council in hope of

bringing my experiences to the council which will make Indianapolis an even

greater place to live and work. We need

to protect our neighborhoods and bring balanced growth to our community.

Jack E. Sandlin

District 24

Indianapolis City-County Council