District 11 Candidate: Tom Mulcahy. Libertarian

City County Council candidate, District 11, Tom Mulcahy, Libertarian

1) What do you offer as a


The voters of my district are

often given very limited or no choices for their representatives. I

represent a fresh alternative to the two-party monopoly.

2) What does your district

most need from the City Council?

Freedom from burdensome taxes,

relief from over-reaching regulation of private property and the removal of

government obstacles to job-creation.

3) What's your opinion of

the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

A good start. Spending

needs to be cut further, to reduce taxes and keep more money in the pockets of


4) What is your position on

a comprehensive smoking ban?

I do not and will not support

a comprehensive smoking ban. However, if such a ban is passed, I will

push for waivers for private clubs.

5) Do you think the city

needs more police officers?

We need more police officiers

walking (not driving) the streets and neighborhoods of our city.

6) Do you support increased

funding for public transit?

The burden of regulation that

supports the government monopoly on public transportation in our city

completely eliminates the efficiencies that private-sector solutions would

provide. I will support the removal of the current wasteful and

ineffective monopoly enjoyed by the government and funded by equally unhappy

users and taxpayers alike.

7) Do you think the streets

and sidewalks in your district are in good shape?

I have seen the slow

improvement of our infrastructure over my years in Indianapolis. I will

support continued improvements, while being very careful about how property and

business owners are effected by them.

8) Name one project

that would most benefit your district.

We need to reduce

unemployment. We need a community resource where employers and potential

employees can meet.

9) What question do

you wish we'd asked?

Where to find the best burger

in town? George's Neighborhood Grill!