District 20 Candidate: Susie Day, Republican

Susie Day, Republican District 20 city-county council candidate

1) What do you offer as a candidate

Susie Day - City-County Council District


1) What do you offer as a


I offer a long history of service to my community and a passion

for the people of District 20. A forty-year resident of Beech Grove, I worked with the PTA and booster sports

when my children were in school, served on the Beech Grove City Council, and

served on the Perry Township Board before joining the City-County Council. The south

side is my home, and my constituents are my neighbors, and it is a great honor

to serve them.

2) What does your district

most need from the City Council?

Continued representation that will work along side the council

and Mayor Ballard to keep moving Indianapolis

and MarionCounty on the right direction.

3) What's your opinion of

the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

This is the fourth honestly balanced budget proposed by Mayor

Ballard, and I am proud to support the fiscal restraint that has kept our city

afloat the last four years. In the middle of the worst economy since the

Great Depression, Mayor Ballard and this Council have improved local government

while property taxes are down a third for most homeowners.

4) What is your position

on a comprehensive smoking ban?

I support the compromise now in place that protects the freedom

of private property owners and protects children from the effects of smoke.

Private property is a cornerstone of democracy, and private business

owners should be able to choose what legal activities they will allow on their


5) Do you think the city needs

more police officers?

Crime is down in Indianapolis and the budget is balanced - I am

looking forward to the next recruit class and adding more police officers to

our streets.

6) Do you support increased funding for

public transit?

I support the right of the voters to decide the answer to that

question. Because we are in a tough

economy and a lot of our constituents are hurting, we need to think long and

hard about how improvements to our system will be funded, and taxpayers should

have a direct say through a referendum.

7) Do you think the streets and

sidewalks in your district are in good shape?

Thanks to the once-in-a-generation work from the Rebuild Indy

project, our streets and sidewalks are being improved everyday. This type

of unprecedented investment in infrastructure was desperately overdue, and it

is important that we support Mayor Ballard in protecting the Rebuild Indy fund

and ensure it is dedicated to infrastructure repair.

8) Name one project that would most

benefit your district?

The "Rebuild Indy" project will benefit my district greatly.

9) What question do you

wish we'd asked?

I wish you'd asked about my family. I've been married to

my husband Harold for 18 years. I have three children, and we are blessed

with 3 grandchildren. We enjoy spending time together in Beech Grove and

our annual trip to the GreatSmokeyMountains.