District 12 Candidate: Mike McQuillen, Republican

District 12 City County Council Candidate, Mike McQuillen, Republican

1) What do you offer as a candidate?

I am a life-long Indianapolis resident and am very excited

to have had the opportunity to give back to my community by serving on the

City-County Council. My experiences as a small business owner, active volunteer

in the community and schools, I think that I offer the ability to be a good

citizen watchdog over our city-county government.

2) What does your district most need from the City


Lawrence Township like most areas of the city needs a lot

of infrastructure upgrades and improvements. Abandoned houses which are not

repairable need to come down and crumbling streets and sidewalks must continue

to be repaired. I plan to continue to direct as much assistance to District #12

neighborhoods as possible.

3) What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed by

the mayor?

I am very pleased to have the fourth honestly balanced

budget in a row to consider during this Fall's budget hearings. I support the

across the board reductions in government funding to make our city work more

efficiently and cost effectively.

4) What is your position on a comprehensive smoking


Indianapolis has a very good smoking ban in place at this

time which covers 95% of all businesses and public facilities. I would not

support forcing private clubs such as Veterans groups, V.F.W. lodges, etc. to

become non-smoking.

5) Do you think the city needs more police officers?

There is always a need to add feet on the ground with

regard to our police forces, and support the addition of a recruit class as

soon as possible.

6) Do you support increased funding for public


Indianapolis must find a way to upgrade it's public

transit system. Shared efficiencies such as the incorporation of using Public

School buses to increase routes and access is one option being considered. A public

referendum would most likely be necessary to obtain a major increase in funding

for a long-term solution.

7) Do you think the streets and sidewalks in

your district are in good shape?

Street and sidewalk conditions vary greatly from area to

area in District #12. They are in good shape in some neighborhoods and not so

good in others. I am working to see that as much funding as possible is

directed into Lawrence Township to improve our infrastructure.

8) Name one project that would most benefit your


A major upgrade of the area along Post Road from 38th

Street - connecting up to the Fort Harrison area at 56th Street would most

definitely benefit the residents of Lawrence Township. This area can become a

gateway from the I-70 interstate area up to the Fort, bringing new business and

growing neighborhoods to our area.

9) What question do you wish we'd asked?

Maybe just what committees and assignments I have on the


I serve as Majority Leader and Chair the Rules and Public

Policy Committee and serve on the Committee on Committee, Economic Development

Committee and Criminal Justice Committee. Thanks to the staff and readers of

Nuvo for asking me about the 2011 campaign!


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