District 17 Candidate: Mary Moriarty Adams, Democrat

City County Council candidate, District 17, Mary M. Adams, Democrat

1). What do you offer as a candidate?

I have represented various constituencies in Districts 15

and 17 for 24 years. It has been an honor to work on behalf of the people

who live in those districts. Together we have made real progress in the

neighborhoods on the city's Eastside. We have worked on zoning

improvements within the districts, helped to establish crime watch block clubs,

supported our public safety officers, addressed infrastructure needs,

encouraged business development and opportunities, supported local businesses,

participated in community clean ups and helped to beautify the neighborhoods of

Warren/Center Townships. These are just some of the opportunities and

responsibilities of being a city councilor. The delivery of services to

my constituents is most important to me and certainly my work is not done as

there is more to do however I believe working with my constituents daily to

support their needs and the overall needs of the district qualify me for this


2). What does your district most need from the city


My district most needs economic development initiatives

that will locate businesses on the Eastside and create job opportunities for

those eastside residents who are unemployed or underemployed.

3). What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed

by the Mayor?

The 2012 budget proposed has significant cuts to many

city/county agency budgets. Negotiations are ongoing to attempt to

restore some funding cuts but city/county revenue reductions have created the

need for local government agencies to fund their budgets by relying more

heavily on agency established fee funds, grant dollars, etc than relying on the

county general fund. This can create real budget problems if those fee

fund accounts or grant dollars don't realize the anticipated and estimated

dollars intended to be generated. Our Mayor has had to obtain a $40

Million dollar reimbursement from the consolidated TIF (Tax Increment

Financing) district to shore up the 2012 budget. We have significant

challenges ahead.

4). What is your position on a comprehensive

smoking ban?

I support it but understand there may be exemptions


5). Do you think the city should add more cops?

Yes, I believe the city should add more police officers

and I have supported past initiatives to do just that.

6). Do you support increased funding for public


Yes. I also support the opportunity for Marion County

residents to be able to vote by referendum on a regional public transit system.

7). Do you think the streets and sidewalks in

your district are in good shape?

Those streets that have already been resurfaced and those

sidewalks that have already been repaired and/or replaced are in good shape but

there are many neighborhoods with significant infrastructure challenges still

within the council district that I will continue to address as the council


8). Name one project that would most benefit your


Addressing the abandoned housing issue would most benefit

my district as there are a significant number of abandoned or vacant homes

within neighborhoods that are a haven for criminal activity and devalue the other

properties around them. The city should put in place a plan to tear down

those structures that are either uninhabitable or unsalvageable but also

partner with developers to rehab properties that will add value to

neighborhoods and contribute much needed property tax dollar revenues.