District 14 Candidate: Marilyn Pfisterer, Republican

Marilyn Pfisterer, CIty County Council candidate, District 14, Republican

1) What do you offer as a candidate?

I have learned a great deal in my time as a Councilor

and have, and would continue to, put that to effective use regularly in service

to my District as a re-elected Councilor.

2) What does your district most need from the City


My District is greatly varied. However economic

development needs, infrastructure improvements and abandoned houses being

removed are consistent requests that I receive regularly.

Jobs are also needed and that need spans all segments

of my district. I host a Job Fair every year to address those needs as much as

possible. The focus is to have employers who have benefits, a good wage and the

opportunity for advancement for those who are willing to earn it.

3) What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed

by the mayor?

I am pleased to be part of establishing another

budget designed to deliver services without burdening my District's

already financially stressed tax payers further.

4) What is your position on a comprehensive

smoking ban?

I have suffered the loss of a number of loved ones to

cancer---some from smoking related causes.

Having said that, I also feel strongly that our

country was built on freedoms. The current ordinance provides the freedom to

choose where to go to join or avoid smokers while protecting children from the

harmful effects of exposure to that smoke.

5) Do you think the city needs more police


For a city our size, more officers would be

beneficial and a recruit class is planned for 2012.

However, just hiring more people is only the first

step. Any experienced officer will tell you that new Police officers must

be trained and equipped and that requires comprehensive financial planning over

the long term, not just the limited years provided for by a COPS grant for the

benefits to our city to be realized. The City is moving in the right direction

and needs to have time to implement plans already in progress.

6) Do you support increased funding for public transit?

Absolutely!! I have contended for many years that a

REGIONAL source of dedicated funding for mass transit is needed. That cannot be

realized in Marion County alone. We need the help of the State Legislature

to accomplish this project effectively.

7) Do you think the streets and sidewalks in your

district are in good shape?

Streets and sidewalks in District 14 are in MUCH

better shape generally than I have seen them in the 24 years I have lived here!

I compile lists regularly to request DPW to address more of them.

Having the ReBuild Indy fund available has been a

massive improvement and has enabled the District to see an enhancement to

infrastructure now and into the future.

8) Name one project that would most benefit your


Other than continued street and sidewalk

improvements- and addressing abandoned houses, getting Central State developed

would impact the dearth of jobs and new housing in the Haughville area and

bring enhanced amenities to the neighborhood.

9) What question do you wish we'd asked?

The process of interaction with constituents is a

question that does not often get addressed. I have found that if folks are

given the opportunity to express themselves and be heard, many good ideas are


I have quarterly Town Hall meetings and do E News

letters as needed to convey information that I feel is helpful to my

constituents. As a result, I get feed back that is insightful and helpful to

the community at large.


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