Maggie Lewis

District 7 Democratic Candidate

1) What do you

offer as a candidate?

Everything that I've done in my

life--from my education to my career choices has centered on helping others

empower themselves. This is the same approach I take as a member of the

City-County Council, and I want every local resident to have hope and the

opportunity to succeed. I am dedicated, experienced and prepared to serve our


2) What does your district most need from the

City Council?

District 7 needs to receive a fair

share of economic development opportunities and efficient city services.

3) What's your opinion of the 2012 budget

proposed by the mayor?

4) What is your position on a comprehensive

smoking ban?

I support a comprehensive smoking ban.

5) Do you think the city needs more police


I believe the City of Indianapolis

needs more police officers on the streets.

6) Do you support increased funding for

public transit?

It is essential that we secure

consistent funding for IndyGo.

7) Do you think the streets and sidewalks

in your district are in good shape?

The streets and sidewalks in District 7

are fair-the district is not a walk-friendly community.

8) Name one project that would most benefit your


It is truly hard to name one project

that would benefit District 7, as jobs and crimes are equally on the minds of

my constituents. Projects that create an environment to recruit new companies

and help existing business expand and projects that improve our quality of life

with safer neighborhoods.