District 6 Candidate: Kevin Fleming, Libertarian

District 6 Libertarian Candidate Kevin Fleming.

Kevin Fleming

Libertarian District 6 Candidate

1. What do you offer as a candidate?

I offer an alternative for voters who say they want a change in

local government, and actually mean it.

2. What does your district

most need from the City Council?

A sense of urgency. When local government

starts a project they need to see it through. For instance the West 38th St

construction project has taken way to long.

3. What's your opinion of

the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

I think the budget proposal could have more cuts, but the cuts to animal control budget is nothing more than a scare

tactic to get the community to support higher spending.

4. What is your position on

a comprehensive smoking ban?

Smoking bans are a violation of a business owners property rights

and hurt business.

5. Do you think the city

needs more police officers?

I do not believe the city needs more officers. I believe that when

you hire more officers, just for the purpose of having more officers you have

to lower the standards of the pool that you hire from, and this creates the

problems we have seen.

6. Do you support increased

funding for public transit?

No. The mass transit proposals would only benefit a very limited

number of Marion County residents and would not be fair to those who do not


7. Do you think the streets

and sidewalks in your district are in good shape?

Sidewalks yes, streets no. Again the city needs to a better job of

finishing the project it starts.

8. Name one project that would

most benefit your district.

The city needs to do better at encouraging the success of small

business. When any business fails it hurts us all.

9. What question do you

wish we'd asked?

I worry about breed specific dog bans, and am adamantly opposed to