District 22 Candidate: Jason Holliday, Republican

Jason Holliday, District 22, republican candidate

What do you offer as a candidate?

I have been involved with community organizations

including, but not limited to, the Decatur Township Civic Council, meaning I've

"worked in the trenches" with individuals that have strived to make our

community better. I've gained insight

about the issues as well as ways in which to address them. My city governmental experience, particularly

my serving as a Township Administrator (now called a Mayor's Neighborhood

Liaison) grants me the knowledge and expertise about how to tap into the

resources at "city hall". This enables

me to meet constituent services matters immediately as well as the better

opportunity to get them addressed successfully.

What does your district most need from the City/County Council?

This, like most every other district in

the city, needs a city/county government that is responsive to its needs to

provide those services that sustain and enhance the quality of life making

Indianapolis/Marion County a place in which people want to make their homes and

raise their families as well where business want to locate and stay.

What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed by the Mayor?

It is good for the city to have a

balanced budget as was the case with the last three budgets proposed the mayor and

approved by the City/County Council, without any decreases to public safety and

tax increases.

What is your opinion of the comprehensive smoking ban?


be willing to hear about the proposals.

Do you think the city needs more police officers?


should do all we can to ensure that the city has adequate public safety.

Do you support increased funding for public transit?

Unfortunately most of the district that

I'll be serving is without adequate public transportation, so I'd be open to

considering options that would result in better public transportation service.

Do you think the streets and sidewalks in your district are in good


This district is composed of a mix of

areas - some having been developed in recent years and other decades ago. Obviously, some of those older areas are in

need of attention. Fortunately, the "Rebuild

Indy" program is providing aid to those areas.

Name one project that would most benefit your district?

As I've walked door-to-door and had

other opportunities to hear constituent concerns, it would be beneficial to

have sidewalks constructed along roads that have both a lot of pedestrian and

vehicular traffic that are now not being served by sidewalks.