District 5 Candidate: Jackie Butler, Democrat

District 5 Democratic Candidate Jackie Butler.

Jackie Butler

District 5, Democrat

1. What do you offer as a candidate?

My educational background and my experience as a Prosecutor

will provide assistance in public safety. My

legal background, will assist in complex contracts presented to

city county council for approval or disapproval.

2. What does your district most need from the

City Council?

Better school

systems and sidewalks.

3.What's your opinion of the 2012

budget proposed by the mayor?

It's a smoke

screen. The numbers don't work. He robs Peter to pay Paul. It wouldn't pass the

scrutiny of an accountant.

4. What is your position on a comprehensive

smoking ban?

Smoking should be banned! Second hand smoke kills


5.Do you think the city needs more

police officers?

Absolutely. I support Melina Kennedy's position 100%.

6.Do you support increased funding

for public transit?

Yes. Myself and the other democratic city county

council candidates rode IndyGo from the east side of

Indianapolis to the west side of Indianapolis on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

During that time I had an opportunity to talk with several passengers that

would support a small increase in public transportation in exchange for more

routes and extended hours. In addition, mass transit would create economic

development as more people would have more transportation to employment

opportunities and businesses would benefit by the extended hours of public

transit as it would attract and provide transportation for more employees.

Not to mention the fuel savings and the advantage to the environment.

7.Do you think the streets and

sidewalks in your district are in good shape?

No. The houses on Hague road, which are directly across from the high

school and the public library, are void of sidewalks and street lights, causing

unsafe conditions for anyone who would walk to those destinations. Nor are there any crosswalk for the safety of pedestrians to

cross the street.

8.Name one project that would most

benefit your district.


9.What question do you wish we'd


Should the public utilities been sold? If so, how would you allocate the