1) What do you offer

as a candidate?

I offer a voice for the people. I left the Republican Party because I felt I

could best represent the people of this city if I did not have to fight with

party leaders and lobbyists about how I would vote. My vote is for the people first. Never a party leader or


2) What does your

district most need from the City Council?

Perry township has been neglected for too long. There are many streets that need repaved that

are being ignored by the Rebuild Indy project since they are not high profile

areas. The majority of neighborhoods

don't have sidewalks. The north side is

connected with sidewalks and trails. It

is time Perry gets the same treatment.

3) What's your

opinion of the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

I think the mayor has misplaced priorities. The budget has so many departments with

overlapping services. If we were to do

away with the overlaps and unnecessary services the city would save enough money

to repave the run down streets every year.

Not just when he floats a 30 year loan in the form of a bond one


4) What is your

position on a comprehensive smoking ban?

I feel that the current smoking ban is far enough. With the exception of fraternal organizations

and bars the city is non-smoking. Adults

are free to make their own choice. If

you don't want to be around smoke they should choose their freedom of choice to

go somewhere else. Nobody forces people

to go to any one bar.

5) Do you think the city needs more

police officers?

I think the police department is very

top heavy. I think that the officers in

the offices need to be reallocated to the streets. Once that has been change then we can look at

if more are needed. If it is determined

that they are I would support it. Public

Safety is number one.

6) Do you support

increased funding for public transit?

I think that public transit is important.

Unfortunately, in this city it is a broken system. The whole thing needs redone. Throwing more money at a flawed system would

be a waste of tax dollars without a major change.

7) Do you think the

streets and sidewalks in your district are in good shape?

I think that many streets are in good shape.

I also think that they could be better.

There are many streets still being neglected. Sidewalks in the district are few and far

between. It's hard to say they are in

good shape when there are so few of them.

8) Name one project that would most benefit

your district.

Perry is lacking in

sidewalks. Perry needs to have a good

sidewalk system that links us to downtown like the north side.

9) What question do

you wish we'd asked?

I wish you would have asked about my work with small

business owners. They need our

help. If we could help more small

business owners grow and succeed then it would create more jobs.