District 2 Candidate: Angela Mansfield

District 2 Democratic candidate Angela Mansfield

Angela L. Mansfield

Democrat, District 2

1. What do you offer as a candidate?

I offer

experience, knowledge and dedication to serving the constituents of District 2.

I assisted in the creation of Daubenspeck Community

Nature Park. I co-authored and sponsored Indianapolis' first smoke free air

ordinance. I have actively participated in zoning cases that impacted District

2 such as the case of an illegal nightclub in a hospital district next to a nursing

home and near single family homes. The nightclub caused crime to come to the

area as well as a general nuisance. Since the nightclub closed, those problems

went away. I continue to advocate for the construction of sidewalks where none

currently exist.

2. What does your district most need from the City


The district

needs good representation on issues that impact the area. These issues include

construction of sidewalks, appropriate zoning, a comprehensive smokefree ordinance and good public transportation.

3. What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed

by the mayor?

The budget fails

to adequately fund the resources for Animal Care and Control. Although we are

still in the process of reviewing the budget, I am concerned that the mayor may

once again play games with it such as he did this past year in only funding

IMPD toilet paper for about 8 months. The thousands of dollars that are going

to an out of state entity for the operation of the parking meters for the next

50 years could have been used for streets and sidewalks.

4. What is your position on a comprehensive smoking


I am completely

supportive of a comprehensive smokefree ordinance. I

have already drafted the proposal for introduction in January 2012 and believe

that it will be passed. All workers should be entitled to a smokefree


5. Do you think the city needs more police officers?

Yes. We need to

keep a stable work force of officers. We must add officers to at least offset

those who retire or otherwise leave. I believe these officers can be funded in

part by certain cost cutting measures such as limiting take home cars to city

business purposes only. The taxpayers should not be forced to continue to pay

for gas used for personal purposes.

6. Do you support increased funding for public


Good public

transportation is necessary for people to get to jobs. Unfortunately the IndyGo system is neither efficient nor adequate especially

for a city our size. The state needs to allow a referendum for the funding of

mass transportation.

7. Do you think the streets and sidewalks in your

district are in good shape?

District 2 lacks

sufficient sidewalks. There are several streets that need repaving such as 79th Street.

8. Name one project that would most benefit your


The construction

of sidewalks linking neighborhoods with parks, grocery stores, drugstores,

schools, restaurants, shops, churches, synagogues and other institutions would

greatly benefit the district. Specifically, 64th Street from Springmill

Road to Hoover Road, then Hoover Road from 64th to 79th, and Ditch Road

from Westlane to Emily Drive. This network would link

Holiday Park, Jewish Community Center, Bureau of Jewish Education, Elder

Source, Greenbriar

Elementary, Greenbriar shopping area, Daubenspeck Community Nature Park as well as several other

institutions. This would also benefit Indianapolis' only NORC (Naturally

Occurring Retirement Community) also know as Elder-Friendly Communities located

in District 2.

9. What question do you wish we'd asked?

a. What should the city do regarding animal issues?

The city should

work in partnership with Indy Animal Welfare Alliance. This group consists of

Cat's Haven, FIDO, Humane Society of Indianapolis, Indy Feral, Indy Pit Crew,

Southside Animal Shelter and Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana. The IAWA is

looking for a low cost building to coordinate spay-neuter services and

community outreach in the areas where most animals eventually end up in the

IACC shelter. The city would save resources through the work of this alliance.

b. Should the city be providing funding for private

development and other economic development?

The city should

not be funding private development such as it did for City Way. Such funding

arrangements put the city at too much risk while the developer keeps the

profits. The city should be very judicious in providing incentives and not

provide incentives where there is no net gain to the community.

c. Do you support the consolidation of township


Yes. The

services provided by township government should be consolidated with the city

so that the taxpayers benefit from reduced costs.