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Democrats take the Indy mayor’s office and keep city-county council

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Indianapolis has a new mayor-elect.

Democrat Joe Hogsett will take the oath of office to become the next mayor of Indianapolis on January 1.

Despite last minute attempts by the Republican party to discredit the former U.S. Attorney, Hogsett walked away from Tuesday night’s election with a sound 62 percent of the vote. The 62-38 percent vote split between Hogsett and Republican challenger Chuck Brewer was established early after the polls closed. Brewer’s vote totals weren’t able to close the gap. The restaurant owner called Hogsett to concede the race around 8 p.m. Tuesday evening with 60 percent of votes counted.

The City-County Council will have several familiar faces and a few new ones when councilors are sworn in to office after the first of the year. Democrats were able to maintain control of the council. With the number of councilors dropping down to 25 from 29 January 1, 13 Democrats will sit on the council with 12 Republicans.

Voters decided to allow 18 councilors to return to office. Three new councilors unseated incumbents and four seats were considered open seats with no incumbents on the ballot.

Many residents are hoping that having a mayor and council majority from the same party will put an end to some of the gridlock that has occurred in the city-county building over the last few years.

Unofficially, voter turnout for this election is under 23 percent. That figure for Marion County is better than the state and mid-term elections last year, but not as good as the last municipal election in 2011, where voter turnout came in just under 30 percent.

City-County Council victors:

(An asterisk indicates an incumbent on the current council.)

District 1: Leroy Robinson* (D)

District 2: Colleen Fanning (R)

District 3: Christin Scales* (R)

District 4: Mike McQuillen* (R)

District 5: Jeff Coats (R)

District 6: Janice McHenry* (R)

District 7: Joe Simpson* (D)

District 8: Monroe Gray Jr.* (D)

District 9: Duke Oliver* (D)

District 10: Maggie Lewis* (D)

District 11: Vop Osili* (D)

District 12: Blake Johnson (D)

District 13: Stephen Clay* (D)

District 14: LaKeisha Jackson* (D)

District 15: Marilyn Pfisterer* (R)

District 16: Jeff Miller* (R)

District 17: Zach Adamson* (D)

District 18: Susie Cordi (R)

District 19: David Ray (D)

District 20: Jason Holliday* (R)

District 21: Frank Mascari* (D)

District 22: Jared Evans (D)

District 23: Scott Kreider (R)

District 24: Jack Sandlin* (R)

District 25: Aaron Freeman* (R)