At Large Candidate: Patrick Culley, Libertarian

Patrick Culley

At Large Candidate: Patrick Culley, Libertarian

1) What do you offer as a candidate?

As a

candidate for City County Council At Large, I will be working to make sure the

people of Indianapolis get the best value for their hard earned tax dollars.

This means going through the city's budget and operating procedures from top to

bottom and finding ways to reduce costs without reducing services.

2) What does your district most need from the City Council?


number one thing that the city of Indianapolis needs right now is economic opportunity.

As a member of the City Council, I'll be working to make it as easy as possible

to own and operate a business in Indianapolis. I'll also be working with

businesses to sponsor local job fairs, and to make sure anyone who is

unemployed or underemployed can get the skills and opportunity they need to

earn a decent living.

3) What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed by the



balanced budget is certainly better than a budget deep in debt and

overspending, however I'm sure that we can save even more money for our

taxpayers by streamlining and modernizing our city's administration.

4) What is your position on a comprehensive smoking ban?

No one

should be forced to inhale smoke in a public place, however for private

"adults-only" bars and clubs, the choice should be between their

patrons, staff, and management. This is a balanced way to respect the rights of

non-smokers and smokers alike.

5) Do you think the city needs more police officers?

We should

be encouraging more cooperation between community organizations and local law

enforcement. The men and women of our city's police department do an excellent

job under difficult circumstances, but every one of us can give them a hand by

serving and protecting our own communities too.

6) Do you support increased funding for public transit?


think there's enough demand here for the type of public transit system that

cities like Chicago, New York, or Washington DC have. For those of us who don't

have transportation of their own, I would like to find a better, privately

funded means of public transit than a bus system which can take hours to get

you to your destination.

7) Do you think the streets and sidewalks in your district

are in good shape?

I think

most of the streets and sidewalks are in fairly decent shape, however there are

definitely some roads that would benefit from having new sidewalks built, as

they are dangerous to pedestrians.

8) Name one project that would most benefit your district.


can definitely benefit by promoting tourism. We have areas like Broad Ripple,

Massachusetts Ave., and Fountain Square, full of terrific restaurants, great

musicians and artists, and a charm that can only be found in a city like



What question do you wish we'd asked?


do you love most about Indianapolis?" I love the hospitality and the

friendly can-do attitude of the people of Indianapolis.