At Large Candidate: Barbara Malone, Republican

Barbara Malone

1) What

do you offer as a candidate?

I think one qualification is that I am an incumbent who has

served on several committees of Council during the last 4 years.I have learned a lot during my tenure.

[Image 1]My other qualifications include that I am a long-time practicing attorney and I have served in a variety of civic

and public service jobs: assistant

corporation counsel for the City; Indiana Medical Licensing Board; Marion County Bar Association, member of the Women's Hospital board, Arthritis Foundation board and the

Flanner House board.

2) What

does your district most need from the City Council?

My district is the entire county. I think that we need to concentrate on the public safety

issue of abandoned buildings and the improvement of public transportation on a

county-wide and then regional basis.

3) What's

your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

I participated in the budget process.The budget proposed by the mayor and the municipal

corporations is not the same as that introduced. There was a huge shortfall because of property tax caps and

the State freezing our distribution of local option income tax for this year and the next 2

years. Council was creative in

resolving most but not all of the budget concerns, but the most important point

is that it is balanced without a tax increase to the citizens.

4) What

is your position on a comprehensive smoking ban?

I support a smoking ban probably for very personal and emotional

reasons. My mother suffered from a

smoking addiction and saw how it contributed to her physical decline and it

being the main cause of her death. There are many people who don't smoke who work in smoking environments,

such as bars and restaurants, and many of these people don't have health

insurance. We all end up paying

through taxes for the adverse health effects of second-hand smoking.

5) Do you

think the city needs more police officers?

It's difficult to answer this question.By more, do you mean 15 or 150? It's another budgetary issue that is also impacted by

competing needs. I think that police presence is important. However, many of the assaults and

homicides committed in this community are among family members and

acquaintances. A police officer is

not capable of stopping these kinds of crimes. I prefer to see police officers who know the community in

which they work. Police work is an

extremely difficult job that requires common sense judgment. I commend the police officers who

choose this profession as career choice.

6) Do you support increased funding for

public transit?

I support increased funding for IndyGo now and hopefully

multi-modal options in the future.I think that this needed dedicated funding source should come back from

the State in the form of sales tax distribution.The continued ranking of our city as 'up and coming'

will suffer if we do not consider public transportation is important to

building a city where young people want to come and live.The car as the only means of

transportation negatively impacts our livability and sustainability standards.

7) Do you think the streets and sidewalks

in your district are in good shape?

Some streets and sidewalks are better than others. RebuildIndy is what was needed to put a

serious dent in the overdue deferred maintenance of our infrastructure.

8) Name one project that would most

benefit your district.

I would need to name a multitude of projects. But overall, I think addressing

abandoned buildings and public transit would benefit the entire county.

9) What

question do you wish we'd asked?

I may not have an answer to this question but I think that you

should have asked about what role should the sheriff have in law

enforcement.Specifically, should

the sheriff begin road patrol again or only run the jail?


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