Pics: TKO Taekwondo/Suck It Up MMA

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Retired NFL player Tom


(Jacksonville Jaguars) and his Suck It Up MMA crew hit Indy and the

new cage at Eddie Brochin's

TKO Taekwondo as the final stop on the Suck It Up Super Bowl Tour 2012.

"Suck it up every day no matter what," McManus

told TKO students and spectators at the cage match Thursday night.

He said the suck-it-up message is what today's youth needs

to hear and understand if they want to achieve greatness.

"If they're not training everyday, believing, they'll

never make it at MMA or football or anything. You've got to suck it up and make

it happen."

McManus, his brother and MMA crew culminated their 2012 tour

at their Indy stop.

He congratulated Brochin, a former Olympian and taekwondo

instructor (fifth degree black belt from the World Taekwondo Federation), on

his new facility at 9445 N. Meridian St.

"Eddie, you're the freakin' man!"

He also complimented Indianapolis, noting the hospitality

and the energy the city has channeled into Super Bowl XLVI.

"Indianapolis has been incredible for Super Bowl

46," he said. "And we want to thank you all for that."

Editor's note: News editor Rebecca Townsend's daughter trains at TKO. But no financial incentive was offered to covered the event. This coverage was driven primarily by a love of fighting and the spirit of celebrating the "suck it up" spirit of the Super Bowl. Welcome to Indy, football (and MMA) fans!

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