Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week of March 29


Each week, the ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) to test your knowledge of current environment-related events on the planet.

Questions (Answers below):

1. Why does James Lovelock think humans can't prevent climate change?

a. Humans are too mean.

b. Humans hate nature.

c. Because the devil made them do it.

d. Because god doesn't want them to.

e. Humans aren't clever enough.

2. What has research revealed about carbon emissions?

a. They are good for what ails ya.

b. They are at an all-time and accelerating.

c. They are dangerous to human health.

d. They are at an all-time but decelerating.

e. They are decreasing — probably due to the falling economy.

3. According to a recent survey how many TV weathercasters believe that global warming exists?

a. All

b. Less than half

c. Almost none

d. Most

e. Half

4. What is happening in the waters around Peninsula Valdes along Argentina's Patagonian Coast?

a. Jellyfish the size of elephants.

b. Not enough to draw Spring break revelers.

c. The largest great whale die-off on record.

d. Dolphins employing human speech.

e. Coral reefs in a state of regeneration.

5. What may help short-circuit Obama's plan to create thousands of renewable energy jobs?

a. The bad economy

b. Republicans

c. Tea Party poopers

d. Spineless Democrats

e. BP's decision to halt output of solar panels

6. How does repeated exposure to six pesticides studied affect farm workers?

a. Doubles their risk of skin cancer.

b. It makes them grow antennae.

c. It makes them hate fruits and veggies.

d. It doubles their desire for higher wages.

e. It makes them grow wings.

7. What did the first of several investigations determine about Climategate?

a. Scientists lie because they can't help it.

b. The scientists were vindicated.

c. Further investigation is needed to know.

d. It is not a gate, but a window.

e. It's a waste of carbon-burning time.

8. What did a Chinese coal ship run into, at full speed?

a. The Great Barrier Reef

b. A giant iceberg

c. Greenland

d. Taiwan

e. A Greenpeace boat


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