Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) each week to test your knowledge of current environmental issues and news.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. What is killing farmed salmon?

a. Fox

b. Each other

c. Corrosive, acidified waters

d. Farmers-turned-hunters

e. An epidemic of infectious disease

2. What are rising sea levels making Panamanians do?

a. Put themselves on stilts.

b. Grow gills.

c. Move to the mainland.

d. Put houses on stilts.

e. Buy floaties.

3. What do researchers say is happening to the Puget Sound?

a. It makes TOO much noise.

b. Its waters are growing more corrosive.

c. It's getting cleaner and cleaner.

d. It is infested with giant jellyfish.

e. It doesn't make enough noise.

4. How are Kenyan farmers reacting to the environmental stresses on

their livelihoods?

a. Going solar.

b. Going postal.

c. Committing suicide.

d. Hiring chimpanzees to help.

e. Quitting to work at Wal-Mart.

5. Why did Kellogg pull 28 million cereal boxes from store shelves?

a. They had a misspelling on the box: Froot Loops.

b. Just for poops and laughs.

c. They did not contain a "treasure."

d. They were contaminated by methylnaphthalene.

e. Emerald Ash Borers had infested the cereal.

6. What are African national parks troubled by?

a. Elephants who attack tourists.

b. Empty concessions stands.

c. Cigarette butts.

d. Drunken revelers.

e. Large declines in mammal populations.

7. What is a new, novel use of pesticides and herbicides in China?

a. As ingestion for suicide.

b. As bombs against the government.

c. As a "spice" for rice dishes.

d. As a way of nourishing flowers and plants.

e. As punishment for bad Chinese children.

8. What have German researchers linked to air traffic pollution?

a. Woad wage.

b. Sales of respirators.

c. Type II diabetes.

d. Cars and trucks.

e. Withering roadside flowers.


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