Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present their Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz)

for the week beginning Mon Aug 2, 2010, to test your knowledge of current environmental news.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. What threatens to block the Three Gorges dam in China?

a. Asian carp

b. Protesters

c. Dog carcasses

d. Trash

e. Giant jellyfish

2. What might be wrong with the largest amphibian monitoring program in the US?

a. It is run by frogophobes.

b. It only works on land.

c. It is overestimating frog populations.

d. It is underestimating frog populations.

e. It has been hacked by toads.

3. What surprised scientists hoping that an ice-free arctic might absorb CO2?

a. Any of these answers could be true

b. The CO2 absorption would be limited and short-lived.

c. The CO2 absorption would be far exceeded by formerly-frozen

methane release from melting clathrates.

d. The CO2 absorption was a hope that is now a "dead end."

e. The CO2 absorption will rapidly acidify the Arctic Ocean,

affecting phytoplankton

4. What are on the rise and running wild in Germany?

a. Lederhosen.

b. Radioactive wild boar.

c. GMOs.

d. Teenage worries about the future.

e. Salmon.

5. Which is worst of all for long distances: planes, trains, or automobiles?

a. Trains, if they derail.

b. Planes, if running on biodiesel.

c. Automobiles, if drive times are 6 times longer than air time.

d. Planes, over the long run.

e. Automobiles, if it's a Hummer.

6. What was discovered about GM canola, in North Dakota?

a. Modified plants have established populations in the wild.

b. It's growing fast and singing "feed me RoundUp"

c. Canola field crop circles are now the DNA double-helix.

d. It can now fix nitrogen.

e. It tastes like chicken.

7. What percent of "climate skeptics" would "believe climate change is real" if this happened?

a. 2% if there were only 20 polar bears in the wild

b. 3% if Nebraska became a dust bowl

c. 15% if kids should no longer go out and play

d. 15%, for an ice-free Arctic

e. All for these answers are true

8. What "intriguing" discovery, regarding GM canola, was made by ecologists traveling North Dakota?

a. Canola synesthesia: flowers photosynthesizing, and leaves carrying


b. Canola beetles "laughing," taking the long view.

c. Canola "presidential heads" being grown from canola blossoms, to

compete with South Dakota.

d. Some canola plants flourished in asphalt.

e. "Stacked traits" — multiple-pesticide resistance, something

biotech had not been able to achieve.



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