Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) each week to test your knowledge of current, environmental-related news.

Questions (Answers below):

1. A couple of NJ politicians are proposing what, regarding Superfund sites?

a. A "polluters rule!" coffee cup

b. A "polluters pay" tax

c. An "I'm with polluters" t-shirt campaign

d. A "polluters exonerated" program

e. A "polluters executed" initiative

2. What is Evo Morales, Bolivia's president, pushing for?

a. A nationwide moratorium on farting

b. The death of big emitters, like US citizens

c. An international court of environmental justice

d. Mass transit on zeppelins

e. More McDonalds

3. Why does Bill McKibben, in his new book, intentionally misspell "earth" as "eaarth"?

a. Because that's how it was spelled in ye olden days.

b. Because he thinks it will sell books.

c. The more vowels, the better!

d. Because we live on a new planet, due to global warming.

e. It was an accidental misspelling.

4. What was found inside a dead grey whale near Seattle?

a. Towels, sweatpants, plastic bags, surgical gloves, a golf ball.

b. Pinocchio, Giapetto, and a little boat.

c. A statue of Ahab.

d. Jimmy Hoffa.

e. A cry for help in a bottle.

5. How did honeybees fare this winter in the state of Ohio?

a. They overthrew their queen!

b. FIfty to 70 percent of hives died.

c. The honey turned sour.

d. Pretty good. All the hives have wifi now!

e. Twenty to 30 percent of hives died.

6. What may have been "dramatically underestimated," according to Scientific American this week?

a. The ability to stick our heads in the sand

b. The melt speed of the Antarctic ice sheets

c. The willingness to ignore imminent danger

d. The desire to say "lalalalalala I can't hear you"

e. The degree of victory of hope over evidence

7. What has been discovered in the testes of male bass fish?

a. BPA

b. Fishing bobbers

c. Fig Newtons

d. Eggs

e. Condoms