Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


Each week, the ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, test your knowledge of current environmental news with their Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz).

Questions :

1. What does Yvo de Boer think about the prospects of finalizing a new binding agreement on climate change?

a. Futile

b. Slam dunk

c. Good

d. Slim

e. F%$#ed

2. What are walleye in Michigan showing increased signs of?

a. PCB contamination

b. Friskiness

c. Far-sightedness

d. Myopia

e. Near-sightedness

3. What are 7,500 people doing in Bolivia?

a. Attending an alternative climate conference.

b. The macarena.

c. Dressing up like canaries.

d. Staging a climate "die-in."

e. Swearing off farting.

4. What have researchers recently found in bushmeat smuggled into the US?

a. Virus in the same family as HIV

b. Bush

c. Little plastic surprises

d. Meat

e. Ebola

5. What did yet another investigation into so-called Climategate determine?

a. Climategate is real and global warming is not.

b. Climate scientists are making big money.

c. The climate scientists were not dishonest.

d. Investigations burn lots of CO2.

e. Climate scientists are evil.

6. How much heat built up on the earth cannot be accounted for using current observational tools?

a. One-third

b. It's all accounted for.

c. one-fourth

d. Half

e. one-fifth

7. In a single day last year, how many pieces of trash were picked up from the world's waterways?

a. Impossible to count

b. 3 million

c. 10 million

d. 5 million

e. 1 million