Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


Each week, the ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) to test your knowledge of current environment-related events on the planet.

Questions (Answers below):

1. What do researchers in Sweden think is threatening fish reproduction?

a. Fishermen.

b. Not enough sexy fish.

c. A lack of hope for the future.

d. Medicines in the water.

e. Noise from surrounding development.

2. What is the EPA considering using to try and regulate carbon dioxide?

a. The Clean Water Act

b. Green police

c. Hammer and tongs

d. Shame

e. Rush Limbaugh as spokesman

3. What have researchers discovered about streams and rivers throughout the US?

a. They are full of giant jellyfish.

b. Rivers run thru streams and vica versa.

c. The temperature is rising.

d. They're just not as much fun as they used to be.

e. Their own lost childhoods.

4. Why are protestors and the government coming to blows in Peru?

a. They are fighting to see who is most "green."

b. The government is fighting for the environment.

c. They just like fightin' each other.

d. They disagree over Big Oil's role in their country.

e. The protesters are fighting for the environment.

5. Why did climate scientist James Hansen win a $100,000 environmental prize?

a. It was a blind lottery.

b. For his decades of work on global warming.

c. For being the "Biggest Grump" in all of climate science.

d. He bribed the judges.

e. For "keeping quiet" and "not rocking the boat."

6. What did billionaire oilman David Koch contribute $50 million to?

a. The Association of Associated Associates.

b. The Children for Cheesefries Foundation.

c. Increasing the size of his last name.

d. Al Gore's Repower America.

e. Climate-denial front groups.

7. What have researchers discovered that could help with nuclear cleanup?

a. Vacuums the size of whales.

b. Interns.

c. A material that traps radioactive waste.

d. Whales the size of vacuums.

e. Supersized Bounty papertowels.


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