For some, 2005 sucked. For others, 2005 rocked. We think it did a little bit of both. So here's our annual wrap-up of the year's events, seen through the eyes of our columnists, researchers and haiku poets.

RIP An obituary for 2005 by Steve Hammer

The year of cultural convergence Has anything really changed? by David Hoppe

Coincidence or controversy? A little thing called freedom of the press by Laura McPhee

Letter from your grandchildren Which side of history in 2006? by Fran Quigley

Inside the homosexual agenda 2005 was a monumental year by Pepper Partin

Where the heart is Spending locally by Jim Walker

What's important A visit to New Orleans clarifies by Teal Schlueter

Low numbered freeways A trip around America's West by Jack Silverstein

Departure and return Dance transforming lives, lives transforming dance by Rita Kohn

TV and radio The year in review by Marc D. Allan


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