White convicted, Supreme Court will hear case

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Update: The Democratic Party of Indiana sent the following news release Feb. 7 at 8:31 p.m.:

Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker issued the following statement in response to the announcement that the Indiana Supreme Court has accepted transfer of the Charlie White case and will place it on an expedited schedule for disposition:

"We are delighted that the Supreme Court has accepted this case and will hear our argument on an expedited schedule ...

Editor's Note: On the morning of Feb 4,the Democrats sent this release:


this morning, more than a year after his invalid election as Secretary of

State, a Hamilton County jury foundCharlie White guilty of vote fraud.


a just world, this would finally be vindication for Democrat Vop Osili, who's been rightfully

named as Secretary of State pending Charlie's conviction.


Mitch Daniels has never been one for justice – or bipartisanship.


early this morning, instead of doing the right thing, Daniels temporarily

appointed White's chief deputy to the job and said he'd reinstate White if his

vote fraud convictions are reduced to misdemeanors.

It's obvious that

Daniels and the GOP will try anything to take back this election, but there's

only one thing that should happen now: Vop Osili should become Secretary of State, and we should all

put the embarrassment that is Charlie White behind us.


conviction is liberating for Hoosiers who've known since 2010 that White should

never have been elected, but Indiana Democrats will not rest until we win the

fight against Republican hypocrisy on voter fraud and Vop

is lawfully seated as Secretary of State.

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